Идиомы на букву K

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  • knock some heads together
    ругать, распекать
    The manager decided that he would have to knock some heads together if he wanted to get the work done properly.
  • kickback
    незаконно выплаченные деньги, взятка
    The company had to give Deputy Mayor a kickback in order to win the market.
  • keel over
    упасть и потерять сознание
    Two kids were playing on the roof and one of them keeled over.
  • know (something) backwards and forwards
    знать что-либо вдоль и поперёк
    Rita knew the streets in her native town backwards and forwards.
  • keep one's opinions to oneself
    держать своё мнение при себе
    "No one is interested in what you want to say, so please try and keep your opinions to yourself."
  • know a thing or two (about someone or something)
    быть опытным человеком; понимать, что к чему
    Jack has been working as a mechanic for years, and he knows a thing or two about cars.
  • know the score
    знать факты, иметь информацию
    I don't really know the score about how my father's company functions.
  • keep after/at (someone)
    постоянно напоминать кому-либо
    "Why should I always keep after you not to leave your room in a mess?"
  • keep the home fires burning
    находиться в доме, вести хозяйство
    That day Utah stayed at home to keep the home fires burning.
  • kiss and tell
    участвовать в чём-либо личном, а затем рассказать всем об этом
    Sally is the kind of person who will kiss and tell. Nobody trusts her.
  • kick around
    плохо, грубо обращаться
    Ron's stepfather treats his stepson very badly; he is always kicking him around.
  • know-it-all
    Jacob is a know-it-all that's why I don't think much of him.
  • knock (someone) off their feet
    сильно удивить кого-либо, "свалить с ног"
    When my best friend announced that she was going to marry my ex-boyfriend, the news knocked me off my feet.
  • keep a close watch over (someone or something)
    следить за кем-либо \ чем-либо, оберегать
    Mother told me to keep a close watch over the stew as it was cooking.
  • keep pace (with someone or something)
    идти в ногу с кем-либо \ чем-либо, идти наравне, не отставать
    Helen had been ill for a long time, and it was difficult for her to keep pace with the other students.
  • kick oneself
    Jonny kicked himself for not having taken advantage of the situation.
  • Knock it off!
    "Please knock it off! Leave that knife alone or you may cut your finger."
  • know what's what
    знать что к чему, быть осведомлённым
    I am sure Jim knows what's what about a lot of things.
  • keep company (with someone)
    проводить время с кем-либо
    Ms Smith hardly ever saw anything of her son since he had started keeping company with Sarah.
  • keep track of (someone or something)
    следить за кем-либо, вести запись чего-либо
    I kept track of the events which happened that week before my departure.
  • kick back
    расслабляться, отдыхать
    Paul was going to kick back, but his mother told him to clear the mess in his room.
  • Katie, bar the door
    заприте дверь (будьте готовы к неприятностям)
    A few holigans are ready to break into the bar and start a fight. "Katie, bar the door."
  • know (someone or something) like the back/palm of one's hand
    знать кого-либо \ что-либо как свои пять пальцев
    Sheila knew the material for the test like the palm of her hand.
  • know better (than to do something)
    быть достаточно умным, чтобы не делать что-либо
    I knew better than to invite Eva to our party; she is such a wet blanket.
  • know all the tricks of the trade
    знать все хитрости своей профессии
    Sue Craffton knew all the tricks of the trade and was a very good nurse.
  • keep harping on (something)
    надоедливо толковать, твердить одно и то же
    My boss keeps harping on the fact that I am too slow in my job.
  • know (something) by heart
    знать что-либо наизусть
    Jane has a very good memory and she knows many poems by heart.
  • keep tabs on (someone or something)
    проверять, следить, наблюдать за кем-либо \ чем-либо
    The head of the department has been keeping tabs on the production of chocolate bars.
  • keep one's distance from (someone or something)
    держаться в стороне, подальше от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    Celia is very reticent, and I often see her keeping her distance from the other children.
  • know which is which
    суметь различить, отличить одно от другого
    Mark's house and Peter's house are so alike that I am often confused and don't know which is which.
  • kiss and make up
    "I want to apologize. Let's kiss and make up. Shall we?"
  • knock off work
    закончить (дневную) работу
    They decided to knock off work early so that they could go to a baseball game.
  • keep (someone or something) still/quiet
    заставить кого-либо \ что-либо вести себя спокойно, без шума
    Jenny is very naughty; and I always have a hard time keeping her still.
  • knit one's brow
    The father knit his brow and looked sternly at his son.
  • knock (someone) dead
    произвести сногшибательное впечатление
    "This man had eyes only for me. I sure knocked him dead," said Mandy.