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  • never fear
    не бойтесь, не опасайтесь
    "Never fear, I will give you back the money I borrowed from you."
  • never in one's life
    никогда в жизни
    This film is something; I have never in my life seen such a weird movie.
  • never mind
    не важно, не беспокойся
    "If you don't have time to take the books to the library today, never mind, you can do it tomorrow."
  • never would have guessed
    никогда бы не подумал \не догадался
    I never would have guessed that the man who was jogging was over ninety years old. He looked so vigorous.
  • now or never
    сейчас или никогда
    It is now or never that I will buy a new car.