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  • NATO
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization - НАТО, Североатлантический союз
    Georgia's government is eager to join NATO as soon as possible.
  • new broom sweeps clean
    новая метла по-новому метёт
    'A new brush sweeps clean' means that a person with a new perspective can make great changes.
  • not one's cup of tea
    что-либо, что (не) нравится
    Washing the dishes is not my cup of tea, so I'd rather my sister did it.
  • not enough room to swing a cat
    недостаточно места
    Let's not have a party at Mary's place; there is not enough room to swing a cat in her apartment.
  • not for all the tea in China
    на за что (на свете)
    Uriah will not for all the tea in China lend his car to anybody.
  • neck of the woods
    район, местность где живёшь
    If Tim talks about his neck of the woods, he means the area where he lives.
  • not for love or money
    любыми путями, "не мытьём, так катаньем"
    We were not able to get the tickets for the performance for love or money.
  • no spring chicken
    (человек) не первой молодости
    "If I were you, I wouldn't work so much. Don't forget you are no spring chicken."
  • neck and neck
    быть равным в состязании; идти "голова в голову"
    Davidson and Marshal were riding like demons, neck and neck.
  • neither here nor there
    ни к селу, ни к городу; к делу не относится
    "You don't know what you are talking about; your proposal is neither here nor there."
  • nine-to-five job
    нормированный рабочий день (с 9 до 5)
    The majority of people prefer to work the regular hours of a nine-to-five-job.
  • NASA
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Американская космическая организация (НАСА)
    A spokesperson for NASA declared that a rocket will be launched next month.
  • new blood
    свежая кровь (люди с новыми идеями)
    They needed new blood: new ideas and people to carry out these ideas.
  • not playing with a full deck
    быть умственно неполноценным
    Everybody in the area knew that Len was not playing with a full deck.
  • nuts about (someone or something)
    сходить с ума по кому-либо \ чему-либо
    Bob has been nuts about boats and ships ever since he was a boy of ten.
  • naked eye
    невооружённый глаз
    This is the truth; and even a very short-sighted person can see it with a naked eye.
  • not (someone's) cup of tea
    не нравиться кому-либо
    Staying alone at home is not my cup of tea; I prefer to have company.
  • neither fish nor fowl
    ни то, ни сё; "ни рыба, ни мясо" (о нерешительном человеке)
    Mike is neither fish nor fowl, and he doesn't really fit into any of the student group.
  • no skin off (someone's) teeth/nose
    не затрагивать (чьих-либо интересов), совсем не беспокоить
    It will be no skin off my nose if Sheila does not go on an excursion with us.
  • nothing short of (something)
    ни что иное, как (чудо)
    It was nothing short of a miracle that the boat had survived in the storm.
  • none of (someone's) business/beeswax
    не ваше дело, не лезьте не в своё дело
    When Adam started talking about Muriel's personal affairs, she said angrily that it was none of his beeswax.
  • not have a snowball's chance in hell
    не иметь не единого шанса
    We didn't have a snowball's chance in hell to get the information we wanted.
  • not have the heart to do (something)
    быть не нерасположенным делать что-либо, "сердце не лежит к чему-либо"
    I did not have the heart to clean the house that day.
  • not a dry eye in the house
    у всех зрителей глаза на мокром месте
    The melodrama was so sad and tearful that there was not a dry eye in the house during the performance.
  • No sweat!
    не трудно
    "It is no sweat for me to help you clean up your kitchen."
  • not for love nor money
    ни за какие блага
    It was a first night performance, and we couldn't buy the tickets, not for love nor money.
  • not just a pretty face
    быть умным, а не только красивым
    Sarah is not just a pretty face. She is very intelligent.
  • need (something) like a hole in the head
    что-либо совсем не нужно, "нужно как собаке пятая нога"
    "You need that old second-hand car as you need a hole in the head."
  • not worth a hill of beans
    бесполезный, никудышный, ничего не стоящий
    Cora is not a reliable person, and what she promises is not worth a hill of beans.
  • night owl
    сова (человек, привыкший ложиться спать поздно)
    I am a night owl and my husband is an early bird.
  • not have a clue (about something)
    (не) знать \ (не) иметь представление о чем-либо
    I have no clue what happened that day.
  • nest egg
    сумма денег, отложенная на чёрный день
    Weber liked to keep a little nest egg for himself.
  • need one's head examined
    у кого-либо с головой не в порядке
    Lola needs her head examined. She always makes silly remarks.
  • nothing to write home about
    ничего интересного, увлекательного
    "Was your trip to Austria exiting?" - "Well, I'd say nothing to write home about."
  • not make head nor tail of (something)
    ничего не разобрать, не понять
    Sam could not make head or tail of the lines and dots on the map.