Идиомы на букву N

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  • no skin off (someone's) teeth/nose
    не затрагивать (чьих-либо интересов), совсем не беспокоить
    It will be no skin off my nose if Sheila does not go on an excursion with us.
  • nose (someone) out
    выталкивать кого-либо
    The older boys nosed the younger ones out of the bus.
  • nose into (something)
    лезть не в своё дело
    Helen is a woman who is always nosing into other people's affairs.
  • not see farther than or past the end of one's nose
    не видеть дальше своего носа
    Lorna can't see past the end of her nose; she doesn't care what is happening to other people.