Идиомы на букву N

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  • next to nothing
    почти ничего, очень мало
    Willy is a very ignorant person; he knows next to nothing.
  • nothing but (something)
    ничего кроме (чего-либо)
    There was nothing but an empty plate on the kitchen table.
  • nothing but skin and bones
    очень худой, "кожа да кости"
    Because of her crazy diet Jess became nothing but skin and bones.
  • nothing doing
    ничего не выйдет, этот номер не пройдёт
    "Nothing doing. I am not going to let you use my computer again."
  • nothing down
    (кредит) без первого взноса
    I know that I can buy a microwave oven at this shop with nothing down.
  • nothing if not (something)
    прежде всего; крайне, в высшей степени
    John was never impulsive; he was nothing if not cautious.
  • nothing of the kind
    ничего подобного
    My friend thought that my intentions were not serious, but I told him that they were nothing of the kind.
  • nothing short of (something)
    ни что иное, как (чудо)
    It was nothing short of a miracle that the boat had survived in the storm.
  • nothing to choose from
    не из чего выбрать, нет выбора
    Betty wanted to buy a pair of jeans, but there was nothing to choose from in the shop she went to.
  • nothing to complain about
    не на что жаловаться, всё в порядке
    I lived in a good apartment house and had nothing to complain about except for the noise coming from the street.
  • nothing to it
    легко, ничего особенного
    There was nothing to it and Jim was able to fix the bathroom tap in no time.
  • nothing to sneeze at
    что-либо, что следует принимать серьёзно, "не баран чихал"
    Sam's new expensive car is nothing to sneeze at.
  • nothing to speak of
    не много, "кот наплакал"
    "Did they find any shortcomings in your work?" - "Nothing to speak of. Everything seems OK."
  • nothing to write home about
    ничего интересного, увлекательного
    "Was your trip to Austria exiting?" - "Well, I'd say nothing to write home about."