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  • new blood
    свежая кровь (люди с новыми идеями)
    They needed new blood: new ideas and people to carry out these ideas.
  • new broom sweeps clean
    новая метла по-новому метёт
    'A new brush sweeps clean' means that a person with a new perspective can make great changes.
  • new deal
    дать шанс начать всё сначала
    The owner of a small business was given a new deal as he was able to get a loan from the bank.
  • new hire
    новый сотрудник
    The secretary in the firm was a new hire, and she was not very good at her job.
  • new lease on life
    обновлённый взгляд на жизнь
    George found new enthusiasm and energy for his job, in other words he had a new lease on life.
  • new person
    (стать) новым человеком, измениться
    Horace is a new person now that he has quit worrying about his job.