Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • Hi:)Enjoyed your day-off?

  • Greet you! day off has been nice only thing is supplies of strength are ,on the whole everything goes smooth =)

  • Hi, again! I'm glad u liked your off. We're having fun now, too - a birthday party, u know.
    By the way, sometimes it's rather difficult to understand what u mean. How and where did u learn English? waiting for the answer:))

  • oh ! well can you express me in what places did you hardly get my meaning?perhaps i didnt describe in details what i meant therefore you couldnt catch my train of thoughts maybe its my fault...lets elaborate together

  • Hi:) My best greetings! Could you, please, explain what u meant in "only thing is supplies of strength are" and "friday I'm in love". You must excuse my ignorance as I, mostly, use bookish words and I lack speech practice. When u talk to an American he often laughs that Russians use "long" words. Would be glad to get some a few lessons on slang :)

  • hello lady))look...as to phrase *only thing is supplies of strenght are CUT * i ve forgotten one detail as CUT)
    my apologies !i cant find fault in your english.truly i as well do practice it and so i aint got a right to blame it on you=)no excuse ))i think we reached agreement =)
    relatively american people make fun of our english is all the same to me personally i dont give a damn
    i suppose the most important thing is to try your best to speak and spell as you can do it , considering grammar ,as far as i can see
    i suppose we are allowed to make a mistakes,its normal thing as english is our second lang
    sooner or later english gets ok for you and you speak freely like they do it)
    thats all =)
    by the way what kinda slang got you interested?

  • i meant only thing is supplies of strenght are CUT is
    i got tired so ...concerning Friday im in love is i just love friday much better than other days a week)
    nearly like that))

  • sorry for my english as well)

  • No excuse (we reached an agreement, didn't we:) As I can judge, your language isn't that of a beginner; only sometimes u use spoken phrases that sound unusual for my ear drilled on classic literature and manuals on grammar:)
    Concerning slang, m-m-m, I met only one kind - spoken everyday speech, and what others do u know?

  • By the way, my congratulations on the May Day!:))