Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • long live tradition May day !!))from me to you as well)
    by the way,your english is highly rich as i see
    owning up i even hardly made out above sentence of yours!that coolest english yeahhh)) got me amazed
    for example i never knew that *drilled on* means Practiced if i got it right.
    you re some kinda native speaker)
    good books are read by you though
    by the way....how been birthday party ?
    has been hen party?=)

  • Ha-ha, I invented this phrase, but u got it all right! We seem to have reached complete agreement:)) As for the native speaker - I'm far from it - I used to talk to Americans for 4 months and still, may not understand them at all; it often seems that they do not pronounce but chew the words.
    Hm, what is "hen party"?

  • hello again ! all their chewing the words are unclear indeed,i totally support you at that ,truly im not good in understanding with words ,in short, orally as well
    for as long as i try to achieve a positive outcome in spelling, frequently i cant catch how it goes well with me,as well make a vocabulary and put all that into practice with uttering
    thats heart of the matter =)
    ow yeah ...about Hen party its when having a good time only for women ....unmarried lol=)

  • in short no guys))

  • hows your French going? Lucy =)

  • Wow! That's a great phrase, It took me time to get u. But now I see, I know that learning E becomes much easier if u make good friends with some native speaker - that is if he has time and desire to fuss about u and help u.

  • As for the party, we had two of them. He-he, I never knew that girls' one is called this way. And what about boys? Do they have a kind of cock party?:)

  • cock party???what means ? again something new blows my roof.about boys party i dare say that it called stag party=)
    probably something like womans party...maybe theres some difference depends from a wishes...i grin and wink at Lucy O_^

  • My both hands up for a mixed hen-cock(stag) party ;))

  • Oh=) its a good mixture .support you .there could be as well chicken yet =)