Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • HI!:)
    Chikens?? Do you have any?
    So, how have u been doing all these days? Any good news, or bad?

  • Tomorrow is Friday. Are u still in love?

  • neither news =)been doing not bad . just have been working harder ,havent been clubbing ,havent been hanging out ,
    just have been homebody it didnt annoy me.
    it seemed there have been just a job and a rest all these days )
    what about your days ?

  • apparently this Friday is gonna pass at work ...as to love to her ...will see)

  • I'm doing alright) YEsterday went to Taganrog. And after spending about 10 hours in the bus now I got a stiff back (The lower part of it in particular):)
    How is your friday...?

  • my grey matter is boiling -what does The lower part of it in particular means ??? be help to me in spelling out .spare me a nerves ! your statement is all deep =)
    as for Friday i just came from my job then dropped in
    in a flash .what designs for this weekend? own up *closes one eye at Lucy)hihi)

  • ah yeah...tomorrows day is saturday...at 6 evening i ll be at work.return to home that late i feel .spend the nite till the morning after i ll go to other city for celebrating my mothers birthday .to be continued...=)

  • He-he, my statements are not deep. Sometimes, "back" is used for "ass" (is that part of the body familiar to you?) I just didn't want to be rude:)
    "in particular" - very much! So, we have: sitting 10 hours on my ass gave me a lot of unpleasant moments. Got it?:)

  • Have fun at your mother's:) (I didn't want to make your grey matter boil, sorry!)

  • Lucy! thanx for clearing up, finally i got clue by dint of you)its getting sick(coolest)in here)
    in short ...your statements sound nice in all respects
    keep it up in this manner .by the way...i dont consider that thing is named like ass sounds much more impolite or rude than back...in the main got no insults)