Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • how a nice morning !im wondered is todays day beer day
    or something?=)

  • I guess I know much fewer expressions like "ass" or something, than u do. So u have an impotant mission to add some of them from time to time, so that our talk wouldn't look like botanics' conversation:)

  • The day is fine indeed! ANd I'm sure it's warmer out than inside. Now I'm going to chek it out;)

  • whence have you got this information about my having such a excellent expressions?it aint truth =)
    though... as fast as possible i ll try to leave all these things in here .so lets do a searchings together.
    perhaps is it got to be mans duty you wanna remark ,do you?))

  • Yeah, guys are much better at such things than girls:) The idea about searching sounds nice, but there might be some difficulties, though.
    So, got your beer day? How was mother's birthday?

  • the whole day at work ,its getting late ,bedtime i have.tomorrow morning i ll be gonna
    go to birthday .after... there can be real weekend ...its gonna take place nearer to evening ...something like a picnic i dont know that meal eaten ll be gonna take place out door or in ,but i ve been informed already...will see tomorrow)
    hows your life ? own up plz)dont keep it secret!

  • What does "own up" mean?! I skipped it once but then met this phrase for another time and got interested.
    My life at the present moment gives me many troublesome moments. I'm all deep in thoughts where to go and what to do. I'm a bit pessimistic about the future.

  • I just had been watching "South park" and drinking beer; I am likely to have nightmares:)

  • hey ,jumping out to call out random...Noone in ...

  • Drop it !i guess you got this feeling temporarily there are loads of a different states like a joy,sadness, boring,or just in a state of being lost in thoughts of living ,all these things go along with us its normal
    never a dull moment now) take it easy.everythings gonna be alright.cheers up lady =)