Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • mainly change the perception on it just broad smile

  • Ok, I'll try not to be upset, anyway it is easier said than done and smile doesn't always help.
    Well, let's drop this subject:) See u

  • Lucy manly is to calm down...your thoughts arent the things

  • gibe it a try to play around with your thoughts ...spoil them and let them leave you alone)

  • have a nice one)

  • well....so just get a life as you can ))

  • Thanks for support it's very nice of u:) I guess every of us bears such a period in his or her life. Some of them reach their aim some do not. Only thinking helps you to solve the problems.

  • By the way, I' m watching movies on DVD and u are supposed to have a picnic or smth like that? Enjoy it:)))!

  • no picnic.its called off =)

  • hey lady ,dont lose yourself in thoughts =)get yourself back ))*holds Lucys hand *