Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

  • Hey! Glad to see u again:) Hands up in greeting u)) THe movie was disgusting but I'm surprisingly in a good mood.
    No picnic - no good:( As u know "much work and no play makes Jack... m-m-m I don't remember, well u see what I mean. Hi-hi, have a nice night:)

  • Hi! tough morning, isn't it?;)

  • Hey! What's up, sir? Too busy?

  • Hm!

  • lady hello!yeah i was too busy.how a clear sighted you are =)whats new on planet ?)

  • Hello everybody!

  • Bony hello !

  • People, help me, please. How I must write?
    1) at/on/in picnic
    2) at/on courses.

  • Hello, everybody!!!
    Bony, you must write:
    1) at a picnic
    2) on courses.

  • Ninelle Thank you very much!