Speak English, if you speak at all (to all advanced)

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  • Hi, If you would like to practice your English conversation skills in Moscow one on one with Americans over the next two weeks as fits your schedule.

    Please call Tim at 8-916-380-9942

  • I Love you girls


  • Hi!I'm Angelina and I want to learn English chatting with someone. Are there anyone to help me?

  • Oh!I forgot: my ICQ number's 395072129.

  • Hey, what's up?
    I am bilingual. That's how i ended up knowing neither of the languages lol. It's true. I really don't know where to start - Russian's too difficult, English's too popular...
    I mean, DAMN!!! I got this movie recently - IDIOT based on y'all know whose novel, and I couldn't understand like half of what them actors were sayin... I felt like an Idiot myself. Then I tried to write some of them scary words down- was pretty annoyed to get both "Извените" and "Досвиданья" incorrectly. Misspelled is my Russian :( :( :(
    My english is way much better, but I am too bored watching American crap, too bored reviewing good ol Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales", and recommending Blackadder to everyone who thinks American Comedy is a masterpiece (YUCK!!!).
    But enough of this crap, pardon my French. I want to know Russian - and know it well. I want to write in English - only like a real writer, the one that writes real books. So I went and ordered myself some of Nabokov's books, excluding Lolita. I only ordered the originals though - no silly translations, that is. I'm now hoping I will get better at both languages.
    You are probably thinking to yourselves "Why tha hell Nabokov, huh?" Because Russians are clever! And others are not, maybe with a few exceptions like Chaucer (guess what? Shakespeare's not on the list - that bloody thief)! There - I've said it.
    Russians think differently and have deeper knowledge of ... I don't know ... everything, I guess. Half of the Brits don't know how to spell. 70% of all the Americans still think it is the Sun that rotates around Earth, and not the other way round.
    So, where was I? Ah, yes. Does anyone know how to literally "BOOST" one's poor Russian fast? How do I do that? Cuz when I read books, I don't understand the meanings of some words, which results in my vocabulary going nowhere.
    As for English, most native speakers are soooo... well, u get the point. I can hang out here and learn something little everyday.
    Anyway, I am calling it a day. I'll check out your answers on the morrow lol. Later.

    P.s. sorry, but I don't intend to check my every post - I never do that since I am a bilingual and kinda got used to ppl gettin what i'm tryna say. No hard feelings. That's it - I'm off ;)

  • Аглая, check out this site www.masterrussian.com, they've got lots of tips on how to improve one's Russian on there

  • mentor Thank you!!!

  • Аглая, sorry) but i didn't catch why you had not written in Russian)))
    Anyway, i come along with you in some points)))
    your thoughts about russian culture and so on-that's great))) but our culture, history, literature have nothing in common with russian reality(
    sometimes it seems to me that we forgot WHO WE'RE( that's it

  • We call our literature "great" but we don't read it and don't wonna to(
    We call our history "original" but we don't know it(
    We call ourselvs the cleverest nation in the world but we don't do anything to make it)
    And hardly any peole are trying to keep up our culture and mentality(
    Russia's getting the part of Europe
    not good not bad but disappointing)