Идиомы на букву A

  • above and beyond
    больше, чем требуется; больше, чем нужно
    I appreciate your kindness; you did above and beyond to help me.
  • above average
    выше среднего
    Tim's grades were always above average in all subjects.
  • above board
    честный (игроки показывали свою честность, держа руки поверх крышки стола)
    It is necessary to be above board when dealing with people otherwise they won't trust you.
  • above par
    выше номинала
    The stocks were selling above par at the stock exchange that day.
  • above reproach
    безупречный (ая, ое), вне критики
    Bill is a well-mannered young man; his behavior is above reproach.
  • above suspicion
    вне подозрения
    Henry acted as if he were above suspicion, but I am sure he is guilty.