Идиомы на букву A

  • as red as a cherry
    ярко-красный (как вишня)
    Sara wore bright red sandals and her dress was as red as a cherry.
  • as red as a poppy
    ярко-красный (как мак)
    I fell down the stairs, and the mark on my knee was as red as a poppy.
  • as red as a rose
    красный как роза (интенсивный красный)
    The man's nose was as red as a rose from intensive drinking.
  • as red as a ruby
    красный (рубиновый оттенок)
    Marion likes deep red and her lips are usually as red as a ruby.
  • as red as blood
    красный как кровь
    I spilled red ink on the table and the stain was as red as blood.