Идиомы на букву A

  • after a fashion
    до известной степени, некоторым образом, кое-как
    Jack did his home assignment after a fashion but certainly not very well.
  • after all
    в конце концов, после всего
    I didn't know what language classes to elect, but then I made up my mind to take French after all.
  • after all is said and done
    наконец, после всего
    After all is said and done, they have shown a very good performance.
  • after hours
    после закрытия, после окончания работы
    Fanny always has a lot of work in the office so she stays after hours.
  • after one's own heart
    быть приятным кому-либо, быть по душе \ по сердцу, радовать кого-либо
    "Cheer up! We are going to have a day after your own heart."
  • after the fact
    после свершившегося
    They were told, after the fact, that the insurance company would not pay to rebuild the house.