Идиомы на букву A

  • A for effort
    оценка за старание
    The children in the nursery school received an A for effort for their drawings of animals.
  • as sick as a dog
    очень больной
    Yates was shivering with cold and looked as sick as a dog.
  • alley cat
    бродячая, бездомная кошка
    There is an alley cat which I see near my house very often.
  • as clean as a hound's tooth
    очень чистый
    When I finished cleaning the kitchen, it looked as clean as a hound's tooth.
  • ahead of the pack
    (быть) впереди всех
    I studied hard so that I could be ahead of the pack in my class.
  • as hard as nails
    физически сильный и здоровый (человек); грубый, жёсткий
    He is as hard as nails, and it is difficult to deal with him.
  • apple of (one's) eye
    очень дорогой, любимый (свет очей, зеница ока)
    Her little son is the apple of her eye.
  • as cool as a cucumber
    My friend Eric is as cool as a cucumber; he never gets upset.
  • as flat as a pancake
    очень плоский (как блин)
    The early people believed that the Earth was as flat as a pancake.
  • as easy as apple pie
    очень легко \ лёгкий
    My History exam was as easy as apple pie.
  • as warm as toast
    очень тёплый и уютный
    I have a very cozy bed; it is as warm as toast.
  • as busy as a bee
    трудолюбивый как пчёлка, очень занятый
    Cora has been as busy as a bee since she moved into her new house.
  • as blind as a bat
    слепой, "слепой как крот"
    I have lost my glasses, and without them I am as blind as a bat.
  • at one's wit's end
    быть в растерянности; не знать, что делать
    Jack was at his wit's end about what to do with the puppy.
  • as happy as a lark
    очень счастливый, весёлый
    Maria looked as happy as a lark when she got engaged to Mark.
  • above average
    выше среднего
    Tim's grades were always above average in all subjects.
  • AA
    Alcoholic's Anonymous - анонимные алкоголики (группа помощи людям, страдающим от алкогольной зависимости)
    Felix Young attended AA meetings last year.
  • aching heart
    чувство печали (по поводу утраченной любви)
    Ann's love has faded and now she is left with an aching heart.
  • as busy as a beaver
    быть очень занятым
    Paul seems to be as busy as a beaver all the time.
  • as nervous as a cat
    очень нервный
    The woman was as nervous as a cat when she talked to the bank manager.
  • as weak as a kitten
    очень слабый, тщедушный
    Anne recovered from her illness but was as weak as a kitten.
  • across the board
    включая всех и вся
    The company has decided to give the employees an across-the-board increase in their salary.
  • as dead as a dodo
    мёртвый (как вымершая птица дронт)
    A car hit a cat, and it was as dead as a dodo after the accident.
  • as dry as a bone
    очень сухой, высохший; (сухой как кость)
    During the drought the land became as dry as a bone.
  • above par
    выше номинала
    The stocks were selling above par at the stock exchange that day.
  • as crooked as a dog's hind leg
    нечестный, бессовестный
    I dislike Jeremy Stuart; he turned out to be as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
  • as easy as ABC
    очень легко
    It is not difficult for most children to learn how to use a cell phone; actually it is as easy as ABC.
  • as nutty as a fruitcake
    сумасшедший, выживший из ума
    Dora is nutty as a fruitcake; she is irrational and crazy.
  • above board
    честный (игроки показывали свою честность, держа руки поверх крышки стола)
    It is necessary to be above board when dealing with people otherwise they won't trust you.
  • as poor as a church mouse
    бедный как церковная мышь
    Cathy can't afford a new car; she is as poor as a church mouse.
  • as gentle as a lamb
    нежный, ласковый
    Marion is as gentle as a lamb when she is with her baby daughter.
  • as hungry as a bear
    голодный как волк
    I was as hungry as a bear that afternoon, and I told my mother that I could eat a horse.
  • as busy as popcorn on a skillet
    очень активный, подвижный
    The little boy was as busy as popcorn on a skillet all day long.
  • as white as a sheet
    бледный как полотно
    When they told Pauline about the accident, she became as white as a sheet.
  • as proud as a peacock
    очень гордый
    Ms. Bobtail's son was a good musician, and she was as proud as a peacock of him.