Идиомы на букву A

  • after all
    в конце концов, после всего
    I didn't know what language classes to elect, but then I made up my mind to take French after all.
  • after all is said and done
    наконец, после всего
    After all is said and done, they have shown a very good performance.
  • all along
    всё время
    Jeremy has known about my problems all along.
  • all at once
    внезапно, без предупреждения
    All at once the lightning struck and it started to pour.
  • all day long
    весь день
    Mary has been working in the garden all day long.
  • all ears
    внимательно слушать
    The lecture was very interesting, and the students were all ears.
  • all eyes
    смотреть во все глаза
    When the children saw an elephant in the zoo, they were all eyes.
  • all eyes are on (someone or something)
    все глаза устремлены на кого-либо \ что-либо
    When the singer came out onto the stage, all eyes were on him.
  • all for (someone or something)
    быть целиком за
    I was all for going on a picnic, the day being so sunny.
  • all hands on deck
    совместная работа
    Ms. Parker called for all hands on deck because there was a lot of work to do about the house.
  • all in
    быть очень усталым
    Having spent long hours at the computer, Jill was all in.
  • all in (someone's) mind
    воображать несуществующую проблему
    "Please, don't bother me with your problem. It is all in your mind. It does not exist."
  • all in a day's work
    часть того, что нужно делать; что-то ожидаемое
    It was all in a day's work when the police arrested the criminal.
  • all in all
    суммарно, в целом
    There were twelve people all in all at the parents' meeting that day.
  • all in one piece
    целым и невредимым
    As we packed all the breakable things carefully, we hoped that they would arrive all in one piece.
  • all manner of (someone or something)
    всевозможные люди или вещи
    Len has to do all manner of things and get in touch with all manner of people at work.
  • all night long
    всю ночь напролёт
    I couldn't sleep well because people were shouting outside my window all night long.
  • all of a sudden
    внезапно, вдруг
    We were watching television when all of a sudden the electricity went off.
  • all over but the shouting
    окончательное решение, закончиться раз и навсегда
    It will be all over but the shouting for you if you reject their job offer.
  • all over the place
    везде, повсеместно
    I looked all over the place for my textbook.
  • all right
    хорошо, нормально
    Will it be all right for me to join you?
  • all rolled up in one
    совмещать (два или более в одном)
    Julian Manners is a p.e. teacher and a football coach all rolled up in one.
  • all set
    всё готово (можно начинать)
    It was all set and we decided to start on our journey.
  • all sweetness and light
    казаться хорошим, невинным
    Outwardly Celia is all sweetness and light, but I know she is not that good.
  • all systems go
    всё готово (первоначально использовалось при запуске ракеты)
    It is all systems go, so we can begin to install the new equipment.
  • all talk (and no action)
    одни разговоры, а дела нет
    I wouldn't rely on Paul; he is all talk and no action.
  • all the rage
    последний писк (о моде)
    I strongly advise you to buy these jeans; they are all the rage of the season.
  • all the time
    постоянно, всё время
    My friend Oliver goes to the health club all the time.
  • all thumbs
    неуклюжий, неловкий (человек); "руки-крюки"
    Jenny is all thumbs; she often breaks dishes while washing up.
  • all to the good
    всё к лучшему
    "It is all to the good that you walked out on your boy friend", my mother said.
  • all told
    всё вместе, всё включительно
    All told, there are six rooms in the house including the kitchen.
  • all-in-one
    всё вместе
    My record player has a recording and playing function all-in-one.
  • all-out-effort
    большое, значительное усилие
    Lionel made an all-out-effort to remain calm.
  • at all costs
    любой ценой
    He was determined to secure his treasures at all costs.