Идиомы на тему Body

  • get under (someone's) skin
    надоедать или расстраивать кого-либо
    Lora is a bit of a busybody and it gets under my skin.
  • jump out of one's skin
    вздрогнуть, подскочить (от испуга, неожиданности)
    When Nancy heard moans and groans coming from the basement, she jumped out of her skin.
  • skin and bones
    кожа да кости, очень худой
    Cecily has been keeping to a slimming diet for a long time, and now she is all skin and bones.
  • skin-deep
    поверхностный, не глубокий
    Eric seems to be knowledgeable, but I am sure his knowledge is skin-deep.
  • soaked to the skin
    промокнуть до нитки
    The children had been walking in the rain for two hours and were soaked to the skin.
  • thick-skinned
    толстокожий, не чувствительный
    It's good to be thick-skinned; then you are not easily hurt or upset.
  • thin-skinned
    тонкокожий, чувствительный
    Alan is so thin-skinned that even an innocent remark might hurt him.