• bad blood (between people)
    вражда, неприязненные отношения между людьми
    Derek and his cousin are not on speaking terms; there is much bad blood between them.
  • blood is thicker than water
    свой своему поневоле брат; кровь не вода
    Jeremy knows that blood is thicker than water, but he has never helped his parents in times of trouble.
  • blood runs cold
    внушать или вселять ужас, кровь стынет в жилах
    I am afraid of snakes, and whenever I see a snake my blood runs cold.
  • blood, sweat, and tears
    огромное усилие (кровь, пот и слёзы)
    I put much blood, sweat and tears into writing the essay.
  • blue blood
    голубая кровь (аристократическое происхождение)
    There are not many of the blue bloods left who permanently live in this country.
  • curdle (someone's) blood
    испугать кого-либо, заставить оцепенеть от страха
    The sight of the dead body curdled my blood.
  • draw blood
    ранить до крови
    The fencers are not supposed to draw blood during the competition or while exercising.
  • have (someone's) blood on one's hands
    быть ответственным за чью-либо гибель \ за пролитую кровь
    The criminal had the victim's blood on his hands.
  • in cold blood
    The criminal murdered several people in cold blood.
  • in one's blood
    (быть) в крови у кого-либо
    Traveling is in the man's blood; he has visited about thirty countries already.
  • like getting blood out of a stone
    очень трудно получить что-либо от кого-либо (так же, как выжать слезу из камня)
    It is like getting blood out of a stone to try and ask my father for money.
  • make (someone's) blood boil
    приводить кого-либо в бешенство, "кровь вскипела"
    I can't stand Ken. His misbehavior makes my blood boil.
  • make (someone's) blood run cold
    приводить кого-либо в содрогание, (кровь застыла в жилах)
    The sight of the dead body of Desmond Finch made Mandy's blood run cold.
  • new blood
    свежая кровь (люди с новыми идеями)
    They needed new blood: new ideas and people to carry out these ideas.
  • one's flesh and blood
    близкий, кровный родственник
    Susan is my flesh and blood so I was shocked when I learnt that she had got involved in a fraud.
  • out for blood
    желать наказать кого-либо, жаждать крови
    The boy's mother was out for blood when she discovered that he was doing badly at school.
  • smell blood
    желать узнать причину, взять след
    McAllister could smell blood when he began to investigate the poisoning of the elderly couple by their own granddaughter.
  • sweat blood
    быть озабоченным и напряжённым
    During the interrogation the man was sweating blood.
  • taste blood
    быть в состоянии причинить вред (своему врагу)
    Jimmy could taste blood when he discovered the weak points of the man whom he detested.
  • too rich for (someone's) blood
    (быть) слишком дорогостоящим для кого-либо
    A holiday in Spain is too rich for my blood so I decided not to go there.