Идиомы на тему Body

  • breathe down (someone's) neck
    стоять за спиной у кого-либо, дышать кому-либо в затылок, заставлять торопиться
    "I am sure to complete the work in time, so stop breathing down my neck!"
  • dead from the neck up
    глуп, как пробка
    Miss Rivers is a blonde and is supposed to be dead from the neck up.
  • kink in one's neck
    судорога, болезненный спазм в шее
    I didn't sleep well that night and woke up in the morning with a kink in my neck.
  • millstone around (someone's) neck
    обуза, ярмо на чьей-либо шее
    Jeffrey Jones has a handicap, but it is not a millstone around his family's neck; he is able to earn his own money.
  • neck and neck
    быть равным в состязании; идти "голова в голову"
    Davidson and Marshal were riding like demons, neck and neck.
  • pain in the neck
    надоедливый, раздражающий, возмущающий (человек)
    Peter is very annoying; he is a regular pain in the neck.
  • risk one's neck (to do something)
    рисковать сломать шею, делая что-либо
    I risked my neck in order to rescue the cat that had climbed out onto the balcony.
  • stick one's neck out (for someone or something)
    рисковать ради кого-либо \ чего-либо
    "I am not going to stick my neck out for you."
  • wring (someone's) neck
    быть очень сердитым на кого-либо (желать свернуть шею)
    I was ready to wring Samantha's neck for having spoilt my holiday.
  • yoke around (someone's) neck
    ярмо на чьей-либо шее, обуза
    I don't want to live on my parents and be a yoke around their necks.