• pain in the neck
    надоедливый, раздражающий, возмущающий (человек)
    Peter is very annoying; he is a regular pain in the neck.
  • blood runs cold
    внушать или вселять ужас, кровь стынет в жилах
    I am afraid of snakes, and whenever I see a snake my blood runs cold.
  • give (someone) the cold shoulder
    игнорировать кого-либо, оказать кому-либо холодный приём
    Those who knew everything about him gave him the cold shoulder.
  • as dry as a bone
    очень сухой, высохший; (сухой как кость)
    During the drought the land became as dry as a bone.
  • blood, sweat, and tears
    огромное усилие (кровь, пот и слёзы)
    I put much blood, sweat and tears into writing the essay.
  • able to breathe easily/freely again
    снова вздохнуть свободно
    Linda was able to breathe easily again when her son began to recover from his illness.
  • You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
    обоюдные услуги, "рука руку моет"
    This politician is known for his attitude of 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'.
  • soaked to the skin
    промокнуть до нитки
    The children had been walking in the rain for two hours and were soaked to the skin.
  • like getting blood out of a stone
    очень трудно получить что-либо от кого-либо (так же, как выжать слезу из камня)
    It is like getting blood out of a stone to try and ask my father for money.
  • close to the bone
    (что-либо) что выводит из душевного равновесия, задевает за живое
    The situation was both embarrassing and upsetting; it hit me close to the bone.
  • back-to-back
    (сидеть) спина к спине
    On the beach I saw Mary and Jane; they were sitting back-to-back.
  • all in one breath
    на одном дыхании
    Pat was in a hurry and she told me all in one breath what had happened to their family.
  • bad blood (between people)
    вражда, неприязненные отношения между людьми
    Derek and his cousin are not on speaking terms; there is much bad blood between them.
  • shoulder to cry on
    сострадательный человек; (жилетка, в которую можно поплакать)
    At that time I had no shoulder to cry on and felt very miserable.
  • blue blood
    голубая кровь (аристократическое происхождение)
    There are not many of the blue bloods left who permanently live in this country.
  • get (someone's) back up
    рассердить кого-либо
    I did not intend to get my friend's back up when I asked her if I could borrow her laptop.
  • Don't hold your breath.
    Не жди напрасно.
    "Don't hold your breath," Wanda said when Steve had proposed marriage.
  • get (something) off one's chest
    рассказать о том, что беспокоит; облегчить душу
    "Tell me what's worrying you. Get it off your chest."
  • blood is thicker than water
    свой своему поневоле брат; кровь не вода
    Jeremy knows that blood is thicker than water, but he has never helped his parents in times of trouble.
  • as broad as a barn door
    очень толстый, (широкий как амбарная дверь)
    Mrs. Smart, the cook in the restaurant, was as broad as a barn door.
    Миссис Смарт, повар из ресторана, была очень толстой.
  • say (something) under one's breath
    сказать что-либо шёпотом
    I don't know why Jenny always says unpleasant things under her breath.
  • scratch (someone's) back
    делать взаимные услуги, "рука руку моет"
    "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours," were the relations between the employees in the company.
  • get on (someone's) nerves
    раздражать, действовать (кому-либо) на нервы
    "You are playing very loud music; it is getting on my nerves."
  • stick one's neck out (for someone or something)
    рисковать ради кого-либо \ чего-либо
    "I am not going to stick my neck out for you."
  • have one's back to the wall
    попасть в трудную ситуацию, занять оборонительную позицию; "быть припёртым к стене"
    He had his back to the wall because he was being blackmailed.
  • put one's back into (something)
    вложить силу или энергию во что-либо
    I had to move the piano out of the family room, so I asked my friend to put his back into it.
  • chilled to the bone
    промерзнуть до костей
    As I wore a flimsy coat, I got chilled to the bone.
  • down to the bone
    полностью, до самого корня \ до костей
    The weather was very frosty, and it chilled me right down to the bone.
  • neck and neck
    быть равным в состязании; идти "голова в голову"
    Davidson and Marshal were riding like demons, neck and neck.
  • catch one's breath
    перевести дух, передохнуть
    Jimmy stopped to catch his breath; he had been running fast.
  • straight from the shoulder
    (говорить) прямо, без обиняков
    I appreciate my friend's open and honest ways; he always speaks straight from the shoulder.
  • new blood
    свежая кровь (люди с новыми идеями)
    They needed new blood: new ideas and people to carry out these ideas.
  • behind one's back
    (делать что-либо) за чьей-либо спиной
    I hate people who gossip behind my back.
  • hard to stomach (someone or something)
    трудно вытерпеть (кого-либо \ что-либо)
    I find some of my colleagues and their attitude to work hard to stomach.
  • one's flesh and blood
    близкий, кровный родственник
    Susan is my flesh and blood so I was shocked when I learnt that she had got involved in a fraud.