• able to breathe easily/freely again

    снова вздохнуть свободно

    Linda was able to breathe easily again when her son began to recover from his illness.
  • all in one breath

    на одном дыхании

    Pat was in a hurry and she told me all in one breath what had happened to their family.
  • as broad as a barn door

    очень толстый, (широкий как амбарная дверь)

    Mrs. Smart, the cook in the restaurant, was as broad as a barn door.
    Миссис Смарт, повар из ресторана, была очень толстой.
  • as dry as a bone

    очень сухой, высохший; (сухой как кость)

    During the drought the land became as dry as a bone.
  • as soft as a baby's bottom

    очень мягкий и гладкий (как кожа младенца)

    My fleece jacket is as soft as a baby's bottom.
  • at each other's throats

    драться, спорить всё время (брать друг друга за горло)

    The husband and wife argue a lot and are always at each other's throats.
  • at the top of one's lungs

    (кричать) очень громко; во всё горло

    I saw my friend on the other side of the road and yelled at the top of my lungs to attract his attention.
  • back-to-back

    (сидеть) спина к спине

    On the beach I saw Mary and Jane; they were sitting back-to-back.
  • bad blood (between people)

    вражда, неприязненные отношения между людьми

    Derek and his cousin are not on speaking terms; there is much bad blood between them.
  • bare bones (of something)

    самые основные части чего-либо

    "You can't possibly cut out these paragraphs from your essay; they are the bare bones of the topic."
  • behind one's back

    (делать что-либо) за чьей-либо спиной

    I hate people who gossip behind my back.
  • blood is thicker than water

    свой своему поневоле брат; кровь не вода

    Jeremy knows that blood is thicker than water, but he has never helped his parents in times of trouble.
  • blood runs cold

    внушать или вселять ужас, кровь стынет в жилах

    I am afraid of snakes, and whenever I see a snake my blood runs cold.
  • blood, sweat, and tears

    огромное усилие (кровь, пот и слёзы)

    I put much blood, sweat and tears into writing the essay.
  • blue blood

    голубая кровь (аристократическое происхождение)

    There are not many of the blue bloods left who permanently live in this country.
  • body blow

    сокрушительный удар или серьёзные повреждения

    Ron's small house received a body blow when the hurricane hit the town.
  • bone of contention

    яблоко раздора, предмет разногласий

    The inheritance their Grandfather had left to the sisters was a bone of contention for them.
  • break into a cold sweat (about something)

    покрыться холодным потом (от волнения / страха)

    Pam broke out in a cold sweat when she saw that terrible sight.
  • break one's back/neck (to do something)

    делать всё возможное, работать много и усердно

    Robert broke his back to try and get the information he wanted.
  • breath of fresh air

    глоток свежего воздуха, новый подход

    "I appreciate your innovative approach to work; it's like a breath of fresh air."
  • breathe down (someone's) neck

    стоять за спиной у кого-либо, дышать кому-либо в затылок, заставлять торопиться

    "I am sure to complete the work in time, so stop breathing down my neck!"
  • breathe easy/easier

    расслабиться, вздохнуть свободно (после стрессовой ситуации)

    Lola is able to breathe easy now; she has just found her lost passport.
  • breathe one's last

    умереть, испустить дух

    Mrs. Nolan had been suffering from a weak heart for quite some time before she breathed her last several days ago.
  • broad in the beam

    иметь широкие бёдра

    Sara was thin in the waist but a bit broad in the beam.
  • bundle of nerves

    комок нервов

    "I have become a bundle of nerves while dealing with my boss."
  • bust a gut (to do something)

    много и напряжённо работать

    I am going away on holiday next week, so I'll have to bust a gut to get my work finished before I leave.
  • by the sweat of one's brow

    работать в поте лица

    Heinz succeeded in making enough money to buy a new house by the sweat of his brow.
  • can't stomach (someone or something)

    не переносить, не переваривать (кого-либо \ что-либо)

    I can't stand the way Jill behaves in public places.
  • carry one's (own) weight

    делать свою долю работы

    Everyone in the family had to carry his own weight during the spring cleaning in the house.
  • carry the weight of the world on one's shoulders

    нести все (все проблемы мира) на своих плечах

    Mary seems to be burdened by all the problems of the world as if she were carrying the weight of it on her shoulders.
  • catch one's breath

    перевести дух, передохнуть

    Jimmy stopped to catch his breath; he had been running fast.
  • chilled to the bone

    промерзнуть до костей

    As I wore a flimsy coat, I got chilled to the bone.
  • close to the bone

    (что-либо) что выводит из душевного равновесия, задевает за живое

    The situation was both embarrassing and upsetting; it hit me close to the bone.
  • contemplate one's navel

    думать о своих проблемах

    "If I were you, I would stop contemplating my navel and do something to improve the situation.
  • cover one's back

    оградить себя от грядущих неприятностей

    Unfortunately Mr. Quirk was not able to cover his back when dealing with the racketeers.