• as dry as a bone
    очень сухой, высохший; (сухой как кость)
    During the drought the land became as dry as a bone.
  • bare bones (of something)
    самые основные части чего-либо
    "You can't possibly cut out these paragraphs from your essay; they are the bare bones of the topic."
  • bone of contention
    яблоко раздора, предмет разногласий
    The inheritance their Grandfather had left to the sisters was a bone of contention for them.
  • chilled to the bone
    промерзнуть до костей
    As I wore a flimsy coat, I got chilled to the bone.
  • close to the bone
    (что-либо) что выводит из душевного равновесия, задевает за живое
    The situation was both embarrassing and upsetting; it hit me close to the bone.
  • down to the bone
    полностью, до самого корня \ до костей
    The weather was very frosty, and it chilled me right down to the bone.
  • feel (something) in one's bones
    интуитивно чувствовать что-либо
    Jacob felt it in his bones that he was not going to get the job that he wanted.
  • know (something) in one's bones
    интуитивно чувствовать что-либо
    I know it in my bones that Joe is going to deceive me again.
  • make no bones about (something)
    не колебаться или не церемониться
    Mike made no bones about the matter; he despised Captain Blood.
  • skin and bones
    кожа да кости, очень худой
    Cecily has been keeping to a slimming diet for a long time, and now she is all skin and bones.
  • to the bone
    до основания, насквозь, до костей
    I am afraid I have worked my fingers to the bone.