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  • throw money at (something)
    вложить деньги в решение чего-либо, пытаться решить проблему при помощи денег
    The local government is willing to throw much money at an environmental problem.
  • tight spot
    трудная ситуация
    The school lacked skilled teachers, so the director was in a very tight spot.
  • turn a profit
    получать прибыль
    Our company has been turning a profit since it opened two years ago.
  • turn over
    иметь оборот денежных средств
    The machine building plant turns over a lot of money each month.
  • turnover
    товарооборот, текучесть
    The turnover of summer clothes is at its peak this season.
  • work out
    прорабатывать, срабатывать, иметь определённый результат
    The boss asked me to work out the marketing costs.
  • work out (a problem)
    решить проблему
    Tamara had had trouble getting along with her mother-in-law, but they finally worked it out.
  • work overtime
    работать сверхурочно
    I had been working overtime almost every day last month before I finished the design of the office building.
  • write off (a loan/debt)
    списывать со счёта, вычёркивать долг
    The bank had to write off Mr. Parker's debt because he had gone bankrupt.