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  • in charge of (someone or something)
    быть ответственным за кого-либо \ что-либо
    The man in charge of the job admitted that they hadn't left a gap in the fence to get their truck out.
  • in short supply
    не хватать
    The textbooks were in short supply so two students had to share one book.
  • in stock
    имеющийся в наличности, готовый к продаже
    I asked if the bookstore had any books on natural history in stock.
  • in the black
    получать прибыль, иметь кредитовый баланс
    The company, where I work, has been in the black for several years now.
  • in the long run
    в конце концов
    I am still rather poor at German, but I hope to make progress in the long run.
  • in the loop
    работать вместе с другими работниками
    Jim began to work on his own and was no longer in the loop at the company.
  • in the market for (something)
    (быть) готовым купить что-либо
    Betty is in the market for a second-hand car as she doesn't have enough money for a new one.
  • in the red
    не получать прибыль, терять деньги
    The firm was not thriving; they were in the red for several years.
  • in the works
    в процессе подготовки, запланировано
    The construction of a new bridge was in the works.
  • jack up the price of (something)
    повысить цену на что-либо
    Several oil companies jacked up the price of oil at the beginning of the year.
  • keep books
    вести учёт
    Marion's job is to keep books for a traveling agency in New-York.
  • keep track of (something)
    следить за чем-либо, вести запись
    I kept track of the events which happened that week before my departure.
  • kickback
    незаконно выплаченные деньги, взятка
    The company had to give Deputy Mayor a kickback in order to win the market.
  • knock down the price of (something)
    снизить цену на что-либо
    Steve bargained hard and was able to knock down the price of the computer.
  • land an account
    получить хорошую прибыль
    The new salesman was not supposed to land a large account on his first day of work.
  • lay (something) on the table
    представить что-либо для обсуждения, изложить свои соображения
    Lionel saw all the drawbacks of the project and felt it his duty to lay his concerns on the table.
  • lead time
    период освоения новой продукции
    The lead time to get a new item of clothing produced is comparatively long.
  • line of products
    группа однородных товаров
    This shoe factory will introduce a new line of products in the autumn of next year.
  • liquid assets
    ликвидные активы
    It was necessary to sell some of the company's liquid assets in order to raise cash.
  • make a cold call
    проводить опрос потенциальных клиентов по телефону
    My boss asked me to make cold calls from the telephone book.
  • make a go of (something)
    получить хорошие результаты чего-либо, преуспевать
    Fanny and Peter got engaged, but then they talked things over and decided they couldn't make a go of it.
  • make a motion
    выдвинуть предложение (на собрании)
    Mrs. Johnson made a motion at the parents' meeting to organize a student trip to the Field Museum.
  • make an offer
    предложить (товар или услугу)
    Tom made me an attractive offer which I could not possibly refuse.
  • make money hand over fist
    зарабатывать много денег быстро и легко
    During the World War the company was making money hand over fist.
  • mean business
    быть серьёзным, серьёзно относится
    Mr. Josef Parker meant business when he said that he was going to take over the management of the company.
  • move to (do something)
    предлагать что-либо сделать (обычно на собрании)
    The chairman moved to have another board meeting next week.
  • nine-to-five job
    нормированный рабочий день (с 9 до 5)
    The majority of people prefer to work the regular hours of a nine-to-five-job.
  • number cruncher
    Miss Adams is a good number cruncher and she likes to work with numbers.
  • on credit
    (покупать) в кредит
    We have just purchased a few furniture items on credit.
  • on hand
    быть в распоряжении кого-либо, иметь при себе
    I had a splitting headache, but unfortunately I had no medicine on hand.
  • on the block
    пустить в продажу
    After they bought the company they had to put some of the equipment on the block.
  • out of stock
    распродано, не имеется в наличии (о товаре)
    I wanted to buy a pair of pantyhose, but they were out of stock that afternoon.
  • out of the loop
    не принимать участия в чём-либо
    Sara was out of the loop during the show and did not know what was going on.
  • out-of-pocket expenses
    расход собственных денежных средств
    Salem went on a business trip to Mexico and his out-of-pocket expenses were very high.
  • outsource (something)
    использовать внешние ресурсы чего-либо
    The food production company outsourced many of their products.