Идиомы на тему Business

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  • come down in price
    снизить цену
    They should come down in price if they want to sell out all the summer clothes they have in their shop.
  • come on strong
    подавлять кого-либо; наседать на кого-либо
    The boss came on strong at me to finish the job on time.
  • company man
    преданный компании работник
    Mr. Right is a company man, and he usually puts in an extra effort for his company.
  • company town
    город, в котором преобладает один вид промышленности или одна компания
    Tampa used to be a company town; now it has a lot of industries.
  • crunch numbers
    делать математические расчёты
    I hate to crunch numbers and my father usually does all mathematical calculations.
  • cut a deal
    договориться, устроить сделку
    We had to cut a deal with the contractor before the construction workers started to add on another room in our house.
  • cut back
    урезать, использовать меньше
    I have to cut back on petrol because it has become very expensive.
  • cut corners
    The parents had to cut corners when their son began to attend a medical school.
  • cut off (someone or something)
    прервать кого-либо \ что-либо
    Their conversation was cut off by a knock on the door.
  • cut one's losses
    снизить, уменьшить потери
    To cut their losses they should sell the old machinery as soon as possible.
  • defeat a motion
    отклонить предложение (на собрании)
    The chairman defeated the motion to postpone the conference till next week.
  • deliver the goods
    удачно провернуть дело
    I don't think Alan is very successful in his career; he is never able to deliver the goods.
  • double check (something)
    перепроверить что-либо
    The boss wanted me to double check the price of the new product before it is put on the market.
  • draw up a contract
    составить контракт
    It is necessary to draw up a contract before hiring new employees.
  • face value (of something)
    номинальная стоимость
    The face value of the new computer was not very high.
  • fair play
    справедливое, честное отношение к кому-либо, честная игра
    The bank is known for its fair play and is very popular with the clients.
  • figure out (something)
    понимать что-либо, постигать
    I am trying to figure out what my friend's plans are.
  • fill the bill
    как раз то, что нужно
    The information I received will fill the bill for what I need to finish the article.
  • float (someone) a loan
    дать кому-либо (деньги) взаймы
    I decided to buy a new car so I asked the bank to float me a loan.
  • gain ground
    делать успехи, продвигаться вперёд
    At first it seemed a very difficult job, yet little by little I gained ground.
  • get a break
    получить значительную скидку, послабление (в цене)
    Tim managed to get a break on the price of the furniture and saved much money.
  • get a raise
    получить повышение заработной платы
    Jack works hard and hopes to get a raise in his new job.
  • get off the ground
    успешно начать, подняться с нуля
    Ashley is not much of a businessman and his printing business never got off the ground.
  • give (someone) the green light
    разрешить, дать зелёный свет кому-либо
    So far Gordon was not given the green light to start work on the new project.
  • go belly up
    The small printing company had a lot of financial problems; no wonder they went belly up a few months ago.
  • go over the books
    проверить бухгалтерские расчёты
    Before buying the small business they hired an outside accountant to go over their books.
  • go public
    стать открытой, общедоступной компанией
    To receive more profit it is necessary for the company to go public.
  • go through with (something)
    делать что-либо в соответствии с планом, доводить что-либо до конца
    The local administration will go through with their plan to build a new bridge.
  • hang out one's shingle
    объявить об открытии, сделать вывеску
    Dr. Rayan decided to notify the public of the opening of his surgery, so he hung out his shingle.
  • hard sell
    навязывать покупку
    The sales person gave us a hard sell on the new computer so we decided not to buy it from him.
  • have a stake in (something)
    иметь долю собственности в чём-либо
    Our computer company has a stake in a few similar companies.
  • have the floor
    взять слово (для выступления)
    Adam decided to have the floor and speak about the problems their firm was facing.
  • heads will roll
    иметь большие неприятности, "головы полетят"
    There was an accident at one of the construction sights and I think that heads will roll.
  • hold a meeting
    устраивать собрание
    It was announced that the apartment owners would hold a meeting next week.
  • in black and white
    письменно, "чёрным по белому"
    Sofia prefers to get the information in black and white before she goes to the job interview.