Идиомы на букву D

  • dead ahead
    прямо перед чем-либо, впереди
    There was a large stone dead ahead on the path so I had to stop abruptly.
  • dead as a doornail
    бездыханный, без признаков жизни
    She was as dead as a doornail, poor girl, and as cold as a church.
  • dead center
    прямо посредине
    The man was a good shot and he easily hit the target dead center.
  • dead duck
    конченный (человек ) или вышедшая из употребления вещь
    My television set is very old; it is in a hopeless situation, in fact it's a dead duck.
  • dead end
    тупик, безвыходное положение
    The negotiations between the ruling party and the opposition came to a dead end.
  • dead from the neck up
    глуп, как пробка
    Miss Rivers is a blonde and is supposed to be dead from the neck up.
  • dead letter
    корреспонденция без адреса
    There is no address on the letter that's why I can't return it; it's a dead letter.
  • dead loss
    чистый убыток, полная потеря
    The money that Jeffrey had invested into a Canadian company was a dead loss.
  • dead on one's feet
    быть очень усталым (целый день на ногах)
    Nora was dead on her feet after cleaning the house all day.
  • dead set against (something)
    быть решительно настроенным против чего-либо
    Mary-Ann was dead set against Julia's rooming with her.
  • dead tired
    смертельно устать, валиться с ног
    After a day on the beach I was dead tired as if I had been working in the mine all day.
  • dead to the world
    крепко спать
    When I came home at about eleven p.m., my husband was aleady in bed, dead to the world.
  • dead wrong
    быть совершенно не правым
    I confess I was dead wrong in my opinion about your novel; it's quite fascinating.
  • drop dead
    внезапно скончаться
    One of the sportsmen dropped dead during the marathon.