Идиомы на букву D

  • draw (someone) out
    вызывать на разговор
    My friend is a very reserved person; it's extremely difficult to draw her out.
  • draw a blank
    потерпеть неудачу, ничего не добиться
    He called the hotel, his father's office and his club. He drew a blank everywhere.
  • draw a line between two things
    провести границу, разграничить
    It's difficult to draw a line between two things: one's health and one's well-being.
  • draw blood
    ранить до крови
    The fencers are not supposed to draw blood during the competition or while exercising.
  • draw fire
    навлечь критику
    This film drew fire as soon as it was released.
  • draw first blood
    первое очко или балл, завоёванный в соревновании
    The fencer started well and drew first blood in the tournament, but unfortunately in the end he was defeated.
  • draw in one's horns
    тратить меньше денег, "затянуть пояс"
    I have been short of money lately, so I have to draw in my horns.
  • draw interest
    привлекать внимание, казаться интересным
    The exhibition of modern art didn't draw interest of the public at large.
  • draw the line
    установить предел, ограничить
    The government had to draw the line at selling imported goods in the country.
  • draw to a close
    заканчиваться, подходить к концу
    The wedding reception was drawing to a close and the guests were filing out of the restaurant.
  • draw up (something)
    записать, составить что-либо (в письменном виде)
    He drew up the deeds and agreements for the real estate company.
  • draw up a contract
    составить контракт
    It is necessary to draw up a contract before hiring new employees.