Идиомы на букву D

  • do a double take
    обернуться и посмотреть с удивлением
    My friend wore such an odd attire that it made me do a double take.
  • double back
    возвращаться туда, где были раньше (к началу пути)
    We got lost in the woods and decided to double back to the place where we had been.
  • double check (something)
    перепроверить что-либо
    The boss wanted me to double check the price of the new product before it is put on the market.
  • double date
    одновременное свидание двух пар
    Bob and Mary went with Susan and William on a double date.
  • double up
    жить вдвоём в одной комнате
    Wilma had to double up in the dorm though she'd rather not to share the room with anybody.
  • double-cross (someone)
    обманывать, "обвести вокруг пальца"
    Don't trust Samuel Kortney, he is sure to double-cross you.
  • double-talk
    ничего не значащая, пустая болтовня
    Macklin gave me much double-talk, but I didn't understand what he was driving at.