Идиомы на букву D

  • die down
    ослабевать, замирать, утихать
    The fire in the fireplace was dying down.
  • die in one's boots
    умереть на своём посту, умереть сражаясь
    The soldiers of the Second World War died in their boots fighting the enemy.
  • die is cast
    ничего нельзя изменить, выбор сделан, "жребий брошен"
    The die is cast, and now that they have got their visas they are to leave the country as soon as possible.
  • die laughing
    громко и весело смеяться
    The film was so funny that we almost died laughing.
  • die of a broken heart
    умереть от разбитого сердца (причинять страдание)
    Jenny's boyfriend walked out on her and she thought she would die of a broken heart.
  • die off
    умирать один за другим, отмирать
    The roses in our garden began to die off.
  • die out
    Nobody knows for sure why dinosaurs died out.
  • die with one's boots on
    умереть преждевременно или умереть на работе
    Mr. Google had been working hard all his life and died with his boots on from a heart attack.
  • do or die
    делать усилие, совершать подвиг
    It is do or die for me if I start my own small business.