Идиомы на букву D

  • drop (someone) a line
    черкнуть строчку
    "Will you drop me a line when you get to London? Do you promise?"
  • drop a bombshell
    сообщить неожиданную новость
    "Will I drop a bombshell if I tell you that I am going to get married?"
  • drop a hint
    I dropped a hint to my friends about the present I'd like to get for my birthday.
  • drop around
    прийти навестить
    I invited my friends to drop around to see my new computer.
  • drop back
    отступать, отходить
    During the football match one of the players hurt his knee, and the coach told him to drop back and rest for a while.
  • drop by
    зайти, заскочить
    "Would you like to drop by for a cup of tea?"
  • drop by the wayside
    не закончить что-либо до конца, потерпеть неудачу
    Some of the skiers dropped by the wayside during the biathlon race.
  • drop dead
    внезапно скончаться
    One of the sportsmen dropped dead during the marathon.
  • drop everything
    бросить всё, что делали
    "Drop everything, come over and listen to what the ancoreman is saying."
  • drop in (on someone)
    забежать на минутку, заскочить к кому-либо
    I was going to drop in on my Granny when I saw her approaching our house.
  • drop in one's tracks
    упасть в изнеможении
    I dropped in my tracks because I had been walking ten miles that day.
  • drop in the bucket
    очень малое количество, "капля в море"
    I need ten thousand dollars to purchase a car, but what I've got is a drop in the bucket.
  • drop names
    вести себя раскованно, фамильярно
    "This is an informal gathering so let's drop names."
  • drop out of school
    выбыть из школы, бросить учёбу
    Melanie dropped out of college at the end of the first year.
  • drop the ball
    сделать ошибку
    Ron had dropped the ball on his decision to leave the company; he was sorry afterwards.
  • drop the subject
    прекратить разговор на какую-либо тему
    I saw Steve didn't like my questions about his new job, so I dropped the subject.