Идиомы на букву G

  • grow on someone
    привыкать, начинать нравиться кому-либо
    You may not like our flowers, but they will grow on you in the end.
  • grow out of something
    вырастать из чего-либо, перестать удовлетворять
    Little by little Nora began to grow out of her childish fears.
  • grow to do/like something
    постепенно начинать что-либо делать, начинать нравиться
    Little by little the boy grew to like the school, the teachers and his classmates.
  • grunt work
    трудная и неблагодарная работа
    All grunt work at home comes to my Mom as a rule.
  • guard against (someone or something)
    оберегать кого-либо от чего-либо, охранять
    The lifeguard told the swimming instructor to guard the people against rough waves.
  • guard one's tongue
    быть осторожным в высказываниях
    Sally never guards her tongue when she speaks to people that's why nobody likes her.
  • guest of honor
    почётный гость
    A few retired workers were guests of honor at the company banquet.
  • gulp for air
    хватать ртом воздух
    The smoke in the forest got so thick that I couldn't help gulping for air.
  • gum up
    приводить в неисправность, засорять
    The sink in the kitchen gummed up so badly that I had to call in a plumber.
  • gun for (someone)
    искать случая, чтобы причинить вред кому-либо
    Jack had been gunning for his neighbor for no reason at all.
  • gun for (something)
    упорно добиваться чего-либо (напр. продвижения по службе)
    Sally has been gunning for promotion since the day she started to work for that firm.
  • gung-ho
    полный энтузиазма, увлечённый
    She does some volunteer work for the animal shelter and she is gung-ho about it.
  • gut feeling/reaction
    интуитивное чувство или реакция
    When Swan entered the room, he had a gut feeling that he was being watched.
  • gut feeling/reaction/response
    интуитивное чувство, предчувствие, реакция
    When Swan entered the room, he had a gut feeling that he was being watched.
  • gyp (someone) out of (something)
    выманить у кого-либо что-либо, обманывать
    The bartender tried to gyp me out of some money.