Идиомы на букву I

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  • in reality
    на самом деле, в действительности
    Carry said she wanted to apologize, but in reality I don't think she meant it.
  • in receipt of (something)
    при получении, получив что-либо
    I told my lawyer that I was already in receipt of the documents and that he may start the legal procedure.
  • in recent memory
    что-либо, что отложилось в памяти; "насколько помнится"
    In recent memory our boss has never been so upset before.
  • in reference to (something)
    по поводу, относительно чего-либо
    At the meeting Paul spoke in reference to the Boy Scouts.
  • in rehearsal
    на \ во время репетиции
    The actors were in rehearsal that day so I couldn't get in touch with my friend.
  • in remission
    в стадии ремиссии, в состоянии улучшения
    Jenny had been operated on for cancer, and she was in remission for several weeks.
  • in retrospect
    обращение к прошлому, ретроспект
    In retrospect, Ann would have acted in the situation in a different way.
  • in return for (someone or something)
    в обмен на кого-либо \ что-либо, в оплату, в благодарность
    In return for my helping Rena to wash up she helped me to clear the table.
  • in round figures/numbers
    округлённо, приблизительно
    Sally was able to learn, in round numbers, how much it would cost to buy a condo.
  • in ruin
    в развалинах
    Most of the hotels on the islands lay in ruin after the huge flood.
  • in safe hands
    в безопасности, под надёжным присмотром
    The students' documents were in the Dean's office in safe hands of the secretary.
  • in search of (someone or something)
    в поисках кого-либо \ чего-либо
    I started going along one of the side streets in search of a cheap hotel.
  • in season
    своевременно, в подходящий момент, как раз во время
    The grapes were in season, and they were very delicious.
  • in secret
    по секрету
    Sue told me about her forthcoming marriage in secret.
  • in session
    заседание (суда)
    The court was in session when Stan arrived at the court house to take the stand.
  • in seventh heaven
    (быть) на седьмом небе (от счастья)
    Sally has been in seventh heaven since Charley proposed marriage to her.
  • in shambles
    в беспорядке
    The house was in shambles after Lucy and her friends had a party.
  • in short
    короче говоря
    In short, Tim was very upset when Gala told him she was going to break their engagement.
  • in short order
    тотчас же, незамедлительно
    The waiter brought my roast beef in short order.
  • in short supply
    не хватать
    The textbooks were in short supply so two students had to share one book.
  • in sight
    в поле зрения
    There were neither people nor houses in sight as they were walking along the sandy road.
  • in single file
    стоять в ряд друг за другом
    The people lined up in single file before they entered the auditorium to watch a new film.
  • in some/many respects
    относительно некоторых деталей, в некотором отношении
    In many respects our new TV set is much better than our old one.
  • in someone's corner
    на чьей-либо стороне, оказывающий поддержку кому-либо
    I realized that my friend was in my corner and I felt very grateful to him.
  • in spades
    (получить) больше того, что хотелось бы
    The mother of the sick boy was hoping to receive some money, but when the radio talked about his illness she received it in spades.
  • in spite of
    несмотря на
    In spite of the terrible storm all the houses in the town were intact.
  • in step with (someone or something)
    быть согласным, идти в ногу с кем-либо \ чем-либо
    All of the members of the staff were in step with the principal concerning the new rules.
  • in stitches
    смеяться (до колик)
    The film was so hilarious that I was in stitches over some of the episodes.
  • in stock
    имеющийся в наличности, готовый к продаже
    I asked if the bookstore had any books on natural history in stock.
  • in storage
    (поместить ) на хранение
    When they were moving to another town, they had to put all of their furniture in storage.
  • in store
    (быть) наготове, припасти, (быть) в запасе
    Daniel didn't care what the future had in store for him.
  • in style
    по последней моде, стильно, эффектно
    Jeans are always in style and they are very popular.
  • in surgery
    оперировать \ быть оперируемым
    Sue's grandfather was in surgery for a few hours yesterday.
  • in tandem
    один за другим, гуськом
    The children walked in tandem as they went to the movie theatre.
  • in tatters
    порванный в клочья
    My dog likes to play with my slippers and I always find them in tatters.