Идиомы на букву I

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  • in terms of (something)
    с точки зрения чего-либо
    Even his love for his own mother was expressed in terms of money.
  • in the absence of (someone or something)
    в отсутствии кого-либо \ чего-либо
    In the absence of any concrete evidence the police had to set the man free.
  • in the act of (doing something)
    во время какого-либо действия
    The boys were caught in the act of stealing apples from my neighbor's garden.
  • in the affirmative
    He asked me if I would like to take part in the expedition and I answered in the affirmative.
  • in the air
    распространяться (о слухах), "носиться в воздухе"
    It was in the air that their department would be reorganized.
  • in the bag
    заранее предрешённый вопрос, дело верное, "дело в шляпе"
    I hoped the new sales contract would be in the bag, and we wouldn't have to worry about it.
  • in the balance
    не принявший решения, под сомнением
    The decision whether to purchase a new house or not was still in the balance.
  • in the ballpark
    (быть) в сфере деятельности или финансового положения
    Sam decided not to sell his business as the value of it was not in the ballpark as what he had been offered.
  • in the bargain
    в дополнение, к тому же
    They bought new furniture and a modern TV set in the bargain.
  • in the best of health
    (быть) очень здоровым
    My Granny is about seventy and she is in the best of health.
  • in the black
    получать прибыль, иметь кредитовый баланс
    The company, where I work, has been in the black for several years now.
  • in the buff/raw
    без одежды, нагишом
    Eva was taking a shower and was in the raw when the telephone rang.
  • in the bullpen
    находиться в зоне подачи (в бейсболе)
    John Small, the pitcher, was practicing in the bullpen while he was waiting for a chance to enter the game.
  • in the cards
    вероятный, возможный
    Although their project was in the cards they were not sure that they would begin working at it soon.
  • in the care of (someone)
    под присмотром; до востребования
    Leila had to leave the children in the care of the nanny.
  • in the case of (someone or something)
    дело, касающееся кого-либо \ чего-либо
    In the case of the burglar who got into our neighbor's house, he went to jail for several years.
  • in the charge of
    на попечении кого-либо
    Jane had been in the charge of her step mother before she went to a boarding school.
  • in the chips
    (быть) состоятельным
    Ricardo has always wanted to be in the chips.
  • in the clear
    без ограничения (движения, видимости)
    We spent an hour in the traffic jam downtown, but at last we were in the clear.
  • in the clouds
    мечтать, "витать в облаках"
    Jenny is a dreamer; her head is always in the clouds.
  • in the context of (something)
    в связи с чем-либо, в контексте чего-либо
    In the context of everyday housework I could easily understand what my mother was saying.
  • in the course of
    в течение, во время
    In the course of the lecture the students were encouraged to ask questions.
  • in the dark
    не иметь информации, быть в неведении, "блуждать в потёмках"
    Jeremy was in the dark about my plans for the future.
  • in the doghouse
    (быть) в немилости, иметь неприятности
    Alice was in the doghouse with her boy friend because she had let him down.
  • in the doldrums
    хандрить, быть в плохом настроении
    In general my friend is a cheerful person, but he has been in the doldrums since he lost his job.
  • in the driver's seat
    контролировать, держать под контролем
    Jim was in the driver's seat concerning his family's plans for their holiday.
  • in the event of (something)
    в случае, на случай чего-либо
    In the event of an earthquake, everybody is to leave the houses.
  • in the face of (something)
    вопреки, несмотря на что-либо, под угрозой
    Jim is a cool cucumber; he never loses his head in the face of danger.
  • in the final/last analysis
    в конечном счёте, в конце концов
    "In the final analysis it is up to you to decide."
  • in the first place
    во-первых, первым делом, сперва
    "In the first place I have to clean the basement; in the second place I have to take away the garbage."
  • in the flesh
    во плоти, живьём, собственной персоной
    Irene never had the chance of meeting somebody important in the flesh.
  • in the groove
    (быть) в подходящем настроении; делать что-либо хорошо
    They were in the groove and finished the job sooner than it was expected.
  • in the hands of (someone)
    в руках кого-либо, под контролем
    The court decision of the murder case was in the hands of the jury.
  • in the hole
    (быть) в долгах, нести потери
    Wanda can scarcely make both ends meet; she is always in the hole.
  • in the homestretch
    в стадии завершения
    The project to build a new shopping mall was in the homestretch.