Идиомы на букву I

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  • in kind
    расплачиваться товаром, а не деньгами; расплачиваться натурой
    They wanted to pay us back in kind for the use of their summer cottage.
  • in labor
    схватки при родах, роды
    Elsa Brown has been in labor since early morning.
  • in league with (someone)
    в тайном соглашении или партнёрстве с кем-либо
    The Chief Executive has been in league with the management of the factory to try and sell it.
  • in less than no time
    очень быстро
    "Don't worry! I'll come back in less than no time."
  • in lieu of (something)
    вместо чего-либо
    In lieu of keeping the goods till the season is high they sold them out immediately.
  • in light of (something)
    в свете чего-либо (новой информации), из-за чего-либо
    In light of some new details they decided to make a few changes in the project.
  • in limbo
    в состоянии неопределённости, "в подвешенном состоянии"
    They promised to let me know if I'd be one of their employees and I have been in limbo ever since.
  • in line
    в очереди
    If the film is good, people tend to stand in line for hours.
  • in love
    быть влюблённым
    Carry was in love with Tim, and she didn't care whether she knew much or little about his background.
  • in luck
    повезти, быть везучим
    I was in luck when I had inherited a very valuable collection of stamps.
  • in memory of (someone or something)
    в память о ком-либо \ о чём-либо
    A beautiful monument is erected in memory of the soldiers who perished in World War II.
  • in mint condition
    в прекрасном состоянии
    The old banknotes that my Grandmother gave her grandson were in mint condition.
  • in name only
    фактически не существующий
    My aunt was an archeologist in name only and had never been to the diggings.
  • in need
    в нужде
    The summer was very dry, and the plants were very much in need of water.
  • in need of (someone or something)
    нуждаться в ком-либо \ чём-либо
    Our old fence is in need of a new coat of paint.
  • in neutral
    в нейтральном положении (нейтральное положение рычага коробки передач)
    The gear was in neutral and the car didn't move while I waited at the intersection for the other cars to pass.
  • in no mood to (do something)
    быть не в настроении делать что-либо
    I was tired and upset and in no mood to go anywhere that evening.
  • in no time
    скоро, быстро
    If something goes wrong with the iron, my Dad is sure to put it right in no time.
  • in no uncertain terms
    открытым текстом
    I told my sister in no uncertain terms that I didn't want her to read my private letters.
  • in nothing flat
    My mother promised to patch my jeans in nothing flat.
  • in on (something)
    участвовать в чём-либо, объединиться для чего-либо
    The children went in on a present for their mother for Mother's Day.
  • in on (something/a secret)
    узнать что-либо по секрету
    I was finally in on the secret about why my aunt had divorced her second husband.
  • in one ear and out the other
    в одно ухо влетело, из другого вылетело"
    Sally is very absent-minded; everything you say to her seems to go in one ear and out the other.
  • in one fell swoop
    одним разом
    In one fell swoop the Smiths sold their house in Fitchburg and moved to Canada.
  • in one's (own) backyard
    помеха, неудобство
    Nobody wants a coal mine in their own backyard.
  • in one's birthday suit
    нагишом, голый
    The men appeared on the beach in their birthday suits.
  • in one's blood
    (быть) в крови у кого-либо
    Traveling is in the man's blood; he has visited about thirty countries already.
  • in one's book
    по чьему-либо мнению
    In my book Martin doesn't deserve to be praised.
  • in one's cups
    в состоянии опьянения
    Jack must have been in his cups when he crashed into a wall.
  • in one's element
    подходить для чего-либо; "быть в своей тарелке"
    Valarie seems to be in her element, working in a drug store.
  • in one's face
    неожиданно, резко
    The bargain suddenly blew up in my face just as I was about to start negotiations.
  • in one's glory
    на вершине блаженства
    She was in her glory when she was watching her favorite movie.
  • in one's good books/graces
    быть в чести у кого-либо
    I have been in my uncle's good books since I taught him how to use a computer.
  • in one's hair
    надоедать кому-либо, донимать
    My cousin was in my hair all day yesterday.
  • in one's heart of hearts
    в глубине души
    Ron swore he would stake me, but in my heart of hearts I knew I couldn't trust him.