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  • inside and out
    всё полностью
    They checked the office inside and out for the lost document.
  • inside out
    вывернутый, "шиворот навыворот"
    Nora mislaid her cell phone and had to turn her handbag inside out in order to find it.
  • inside track
    преимущество, выгодное положение
    The horse had the inside track and was able to win the race.
  • instead of
    вместо того, чтобы
    "Let's go out and play in the open instead of staying inside the house."
  • instrumental in (doing something)
    играющий важную роль, способствующий
    Our sponsor was instrumental in having new computers installed in the school.
  • intent on (doing something)
    настойчиво стремящийся к чему-либо, настроенный решительно на что-либо
    Jack was intent on taking business psychology as his major.
  • interested in (someone)
    проявлять интерес к кому-либо
    Adam is interested in Margaret, but she is interested in Paul.
  • into being
    возникать, начать существовать
    The new tax law came into being this year.
  • into thin air
    исчезнуть, раствориться (в воздухе)
    My new camera vanished into thin air and I never saw it again.
  • invasion of (someone's) privacy
    посягательство на чьё-либо уединение \ на личную жизнь
    My stepfather entered my bedroom without knocking and I told him it was an invasion of my privacy.
  • invasion of privacy
    посягательство на уединение
    I decided to sue my stepfather for the invasion of privacy because he often comes into my room without my permission.
  • invest (something) in (something)
    вкладывать что-либо во что-либо, инвестировать
    Jeffrey Archer invested a lot of money into a Canadian company.
  • invest someone with the power or legal right to (do something)
    предоставить кому-либо законное право делать что-либо
    During the demonstration the police were invested with the power to guard the White House.
  • IOU
    I Owe You - долговая расписка
    IOY is an abbreviation for 'I owe you'; it's a signed paper which shows that you borrowed money from someone.
  • IQ
    Intelligence Quotient - коэффициент умственного развития
    The IQ of the new student is very low.
  • iron (something) out
    решить проблему, "разрулить ситуацию"
    I wish I could iron out all of my problems at work and at home.
  • iron fist in a velvet glove
    суровость, прикрываемая любезностью, "железная рука в бархатной перчатке"
    The government officials used an iron fist in a velvet glove to settle the conflict.
  • irons in the fire
    много дел
    I am not going to have too many irons in the fire; I'll be tired out if I do it.
  • issue a call for (something)
    публично обратиться с просьбой о чём-либо
    The hospital issued a call for people to donate blood to the wounded.
  • it takes two to tango
    делить ответственность на двоих, оба виноваты
    It takes two to tango, so Peter and Nick are both responsible for the damage of the car.
  • it/something goes to show
    показывать, демонстрировать правоту чего-либо
    His failure goes to show that one has to work very hard to be successful.
  • itching palm
    жадность к деньгам, наживе
    The government official was in trouble because he had an itching palm.
  • itchy/itching palm
    (быть) нечистым на руку
    The government official was in trouble because he had an itching palm.
  • Ivy League
    небольшая группа наиболее престижных университетов
    Ivy League school is a small group of famous eastern United States universities such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton.