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  • in one's mind's eye
    мысленно, в чьём-либо воображении
    Several times he played the game "in his mind's eye" and in each case he lost.
  • in one's opinion
    по чьему-либо мнению
    In my opinion, Jack is not fit for the job of a security guard; he is neither brave nor responsible enough.
  • in one's own best interest(s)
    в чьих-либо собственных интересах
    It is in my own best interests to find a better paid job.
  • in one's prime
    в расцвете сил \ лет
    My mother was in her prime when she married my father.
  • in one's right mind
    в своём \ здравом уме
    "You are not in your right mind to leave this country for good."
  • in one's salad days
    в чьей-либо молодости
    In his salad days Ken was a very handsome guy.
  • in one's second childhood
    впасть в детство
    My Grandfather seems to be in his second childhood and he sometimes behaves as if he were a child.
  • in one's shell
    уйти в себя, отгородиться от всех
    Sandra has changed greatly; she is in her shell most of the time now.
  • in one's shoes
    быть на месте кого-либо
    "You are lucky to have found an excellent job. I wish I were in your shoes."
  • in one's spare time
    в свободное время
    "What do you like doing in your spare time?"
  • in one's Sunday best
    (быть) одетым в праздничную одежду
    My Aunt Polly is usually dressed in her Sunday best when she goes to church.
  • in one's tracks
    тотчас же, сразу, немедленно
    He stopped in his tracks and looked around like a hunted animal.
  • in order to
    для того, чтобы
    One must work hard in order to succeed.
  • in other words
    другими словами
    In other words, Ansell turned out to be a liar and now nobody trusts him.
  • in over one's head
    сверх головы (трудностей, работы и т.д.)
    I was in over my head when I tried to do two jobs at a time.
  • in part
    The reason David doesn't intend to enter the university this year is in part because he needs money.
  • in particular
    в особенности, в частности
    My father likes almost all sports but in particular he loves basketball.
  • in passing
    I mentioned to my friend in passing that I had recently decided to change a job.
  • in pen
    (писать) пером
    It is necessary to fill in documents in pen but not in pencil.
  • in pencil
    I wrote the exam in pencil in case I wanted to change some of the answers.
  • in perpetuity
    Tobias was given the right to use the land near his house in perpetuity.
  • in person
    "I want you to appear at the staff meeting in person."
  • in place
    в нужном месте, на своём месте
    There had been a burglary, and the police asked the owners of the house to see if everything was in place.
  • in place of (someone or something)
    вместо кого-либо \ чего-либо
    The house was damaged during the hurricane and they had to build a new roof in place of the old one.
  • in plain English/language
    простым языком
    I was told to write the legal contract in plain English so that it could easily be understood.
  • in plain language/English
    простым, ясным языком; доходчиво
    My Internet provider explained to me in plain English the terms of their service.
  • in point of fact
    в действительности, в сущности, фактически
    He had, in point of fact, no real convictions.
  • in practice
    на практике, на деле
    In practice it is more difficult to run a business than it seems to be in theory.
  • in print
    в печати
    "Do you know if this textbook is still in print?"
  • in private
    The teacher told Mary that she wanted to talk to her in private after class.
  • in progress
    происходить ( в настоящее время)
    The operation is now in progress, and nobody is allowed to enter the operating room.
  • in proportion
    соразмерный, соответственный
    They made sure that the rooms were in proportion with the size of the house.
  • in public
    открыть, публично
    The judge has told his colleagues that he is sick but will not admit it in public.
  • in pursuit of (something)
    в погоне за чем-либо
    Ken Mac Bright was in pursuit of his dream to become a film director.
  • in rags
    в лохмотьях
    The man looked weird; he had a large head, small gray eyes, an enormous nose and he was in rags.