Идиомы на букву P

  • pit one's wits against (someone)
    бросать вызов кому-либо
    Collin decided to pit his wits against the best scholars of the university.
  • pay off a debt/loan
    выплатить долг, ссуду
    I had borrowed money from the bank and finished to pay off the loan pretty soon.
  • poetic justice
    идеальная справедливость
    I think it is poetic justice that Henry got the punishment he deserves.
  • pony up
    расплачиваться, платить
    It is time for Sarah to pony up and pay for the car that she bought from me.
  • pump iron
    заниматься тяжёлой атлетикой
    Paul has been pumping iron for more than three years now.
  • prima facie
    на первый взгляд, кажущийся достоверным
    Prima facie it appeared that the supervisor had enough evidence to take legal action against one of the employees.
  • put/lay the finger on (someone)
    обвинить кого-либо, опознавать виновного
    Norman put the finger on the drug dealer who had sold him heroin outside the disco club.
  • power of attorney
    Robert Crow has been given power of attorney over his father's money.
  • put (someone or something) out of one's head/mind
    выбросить кого-либо \ что-либо из головы, перестать думать
    "I want you to put this silly idea out of your head; you have no notion what can happen."
  • penalty clause
    штрафная неустойка, штрафная санкция
    There is a penalty clause in my bank loan agreement if I don't pay out the money in time.
  • PE
    Physical Education - физкультура
    PE was my favorite subject at school.
  • plea bargain
    признать свою вину (с целью смягчения наказания)
    Timothy Eagles thought he would receive a light punishment if he plead bargain.
  • PTO
    Please Turn Over - пожалуйста, смотрите на обороте
    Ann wrote PTO on the page of her note to make sure that I would look at the other side of the page.
  • privy to something
    посвящённый во что-либо
    William was not privy to Miranda's life, so he couldn't say whether she had any secrets.
  • punitive damages
    убытки, присуждаемые в порядке наказания
    The man was awarded a large sum of money as punitive damages in his lawsuit against the landlord.
  • preferred customer
    постоянный и выгодный клиент
    Sally used to be a preferred customer of one of the bookstores in New York.
  • PhD
    Doctor of Philosophy - доктор философии
    Norman Brown, who is a PhD in Philosophy, has been delivering lectures at the university for many years.
  • post mortem
    вскрытие трупа для определения причины смерти
    To determine the cause of the woman's death the autopsist performed a post mortem on her body.
  • PC
    Politically Correct - полит корректный
    It is supposed that all material published in a newspaper must be PC.
  • PTA
    Parent-Teacher Association - Учительско-родительская ассоциация
    The teacher told the pupils' parents that a PTA meeting would be held on Friday.
  • PR
    Public Relations - пиар, связи с общественностью
    The politician easily won the election due to good PR.
  • POW
    Prisoner of War - военнопленный
    When the Second World Was ended, the negotiations regarding POWs lasted for a few years.
  • PLO
    Please Leave On - пожалуйста не стирайте (надпись на школьной доске)
    The teacher wanted the information to be left on the board, so she wrote PLO on it.
  • PS
    Postscript - постскриптум
    If I want to add some extra information, I write PS at the very end of a letter.
  • preliminary hearing
    предварительное слушание
    There was no need for a preliminary hearing because there was not enough evidence to charge the man with the crime.
  • PM
    Post Meridiem - после полудня
    The children usually come home from school at two p.m.