Идиомы на букву P

  • put on the feed bag
    поесть что-либо
    They immediately put on the feed bag when they came home.
  • pick up the tab/check
    заплатить по счёту за кого-либо
    We, my sisters, my husband and me, had a nice dinner at the restaurant, and my husband picked up the tab.
  • put flesh on (something)
    добавить детали к чему-либо
    I decided to put flesh on my new project so that it becomes clearer and more detailed.
  • pay in advance
    платить заранее, (предоплата)
    I registered at the hotel and paid in advance for a single room.
  • plug a product
    содействовать распространению продукта
    The movie star made a lot of money by plugging new products.
  • pull one's (own) weight
    принимать участие в чём-либо, свой вклад в общее дело
    My mother wanted me to pull my weight in cleaning the house.
  • pass through (someone's) mind
    промелькнуть в уме
    It passed through his mind that he had met that woman before, but he didn't remember her name.
  • pass the hat
    собирать деньга на какой-либо проект (пустить шапку по кругу)
    They passed the hat in order to raise money for the animal shelter.
  • pad the bill
    включить неоправданные расходы в счёт
    Allan tried to pad the hotel bill when he was on a business trip.
  • poke one's nose into (something)
    вмешиваться во что-либо, "совать нос"
    I'd rather you didn't poke your nose into my private affairs.
  • pass the torch/baton to someone
    передать кому-либо полномочия (досл. передать эстафетную палочку)
    When Jeremy Smith decided to retire, he passed the torch to his son.
  • put (someone or something) out to pasture
    удалить кого-либо на покой, перестать использовать что-либо
    They finally decided to put Old Kenworth out to pasture and asked him to give up his responsibilities.
  • payoff
    The deputy mayor received a handsome sum of money as a payoff.
  • put the bite on (someone)
    выпрашивать деньги
    Joshua is always short of money, and he is constantly trying to put the bite on his co-workers.
  • pay a king's ransom (for something)
    заплатить огромные деньги за что-либо
    I am not going to pay a king's ransom for this used car.
  • pay off (something)
    расплатиться с чем-либо (с долгами)
    Lorna had serious intentions to pay off every debt.
  • penny-wise and pound foolish
    экономный в мелочах и расточительный в крупном
    They had no penny-wise and pound-foolish policy in their company.
  • per head
    на одного человека, на одну персону
    The bus fare cost only a small amount of money per head.
  • pay one's debt (to society)
    заплатить долг обществу (сидеть в тюрьме за преступление)
    The woman spent a few years in prison, paying her debt to society.
  • powder one's nose
    попудрить носик
    Rita told her boyfriend that she would like to go to the dressing room to powder her nose.
  • put (something) in mothballs
    положить что-либо на хранение, ставить на консервацию
    My father put our old car in mothballs and decided to buy a new one.
  • pour one's heart out (to someone)
    излить душу кому-либо, высказать самое заветное
    I saw that something was worrying Fanny and I said she would feel better if she poured her heart out to me.
  • press the flesh
    пожимать всем руки (чтобы приобрести популярность)
    If a politician wants to be more popular, he should press the flesh of the public at large.
  • palm off (something)
    всучить, подсунуть что-либо (как ценность), сбыть с рук при помощи обмана
    Lloyd tried to palm his old computer off on me as one that was new.
  • pay off (someone)
    давать кому-либо взятку, откупиться
    The shopkeeper had to pay off a gang of racketeers who were squeezing money from him.
  • perfect couple
    прекрасная пара
    Stella and David seemed such a perfect couple, therefore I was surprised to hear about their divorce.
  • piece/slice of the action
    доля от прибыли
    The author believed to get a piece of the action from the publishing of his new book.
  • pennies from heaven
    деньги, которые вы не ожидали получить
    The bonus that I received from the company was like pennies from heaven.
  • penny for one's thoughts
    О чём это вы задумались?
    "A penny for your thoughts," Jim said. "My thoughts are not worth anything because I was thinking of you," Wanda replied.
  • pinch pennies
    быть экономным, бережливым, "считать копейки"
    Wanda pinches pennies not because she is thrifty, but because she earns very little.
  • pecking order
    неофициальная иерархия, сложившийся порядок подчинения
    Poor Jim! He is at the bottom of pecking order and is dominated by everybody.
  • pull (someone's) tooth out
    выдернуть \ удалить кому-либо зуб
    I had a terrible toothache the other day, and was relieved when the dentist pulled my tooth out.
  • pay (someone) a back-handed/left-handed compliment
    отвесить сомнительный комплимент кому-либо
    I didn't mean to pay Sara a back-handed compliment when I told her how well she looked.
  • pick holes in an argument
    находить слабые места в аргументации
    The judge found it very easy to pick holes in the argument of the lawyer.
  • PA
    Public Address System - система оповещения по радио
    The news of the flood was transmitted over the PA.