Идиомы на букву B

  • back of beyond
    самый отдалённый участок, глушь (у чёрта на куличках)
    I could hardly imagine that Lucy lived so far, practically at the back of beyond.
  • beyond a reasonable doubt
    почти наверняка, вне всякого сомнения
    The judge told the jurors to come up with a verdict of guilty only if they were convinced beyond a reasonable doubt the man had committed the crime.
  • beyond a shadow of a doubt
    вне всякого сомнения, без тени сомнения
    It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that this student used cheat sheets at the Math exam.
  • beyond measure
    быть неизмеримым (о чувствах)
    The girl's dread for her step-father was beyond measure.
  • beyond one's depth
    столкнуться с трудностями
    Robert appeared to be beyond his depth; he picked a fight with his boss and lost the battle.
  • beyond one's means
    (жить) не по средствам
    This expensive cottage is very much beyond their means.
  • beyond the pale
    за пределами чего-либо (то, что не принято делать)
    "I don't like the way your children behave; it is totally beyond the pale."
  • beyond words
    неописуемый, невыразимый (словами)
    "The mess in your bedroom is beyond words".