Идиомы на букву B

  • big cheese
    важный человек, лидер
    Though my uncle is a big cheese in the company I never ask him for help.
  • big enchilada
    воротила, шишка
    There are many managers in our company, but Bill is the big enchilada in it.
  • big fish in a small pond
    великан среди пигмеев, "шишка на ровном месте"
    "I don't think much of Jeremy Brown; he seems to be a big fish in a small pond."
  • big of (someone)
    быть щедрым, добрым по отношении к кому-либо
    It is very big of you to let me use your books.
  • big shot
    большая шишка (о важном и могущественном человеке)
    This man used to be a big shot in the shipbuilding industry.