Идиомы на букву B

  • beat (something) into (someone's) head
    вбить что-либо в голову кого-либо
    "Whether you want it or not, I'll try to beat the rule into your head."
  • bite (someone's) head off
    говорить сердито с кем-либо
    I would have confessed my fault to my mother if I were not afraid that she might bite my head off.
  • bonehead
    исключительно глупый, тупой
    "You are a bonehead. Why don't you understand what I am trying to tell you?"
  • bring (something) to a head
    обострять что-либо, завершать
    This incident brought the question of relationships among the workers to a head.
  • bury/hide one's head in the sand
    прятать голову в песок, отказываться видеть/ признавать что-либо неприятное
    When the situation got tough, Phil buried his head in the sand; he was unable to take the responsibility.
  • butt heads with (someone)
    спорить с кем-либо, "сталкиваться лбами"
    "I do not intend to butt heads with you about this problem because I know I am right."