Идиомы на букву B

  • buy (something) for a song
    купить что-либо очень дёшево, "купить за пятак"
    It's a very cheap house; we practically bought it for a song.
  • buy (something) on credit
    купить что-либо в кредит
    Jenny Smith had no money so she decided to buy a car on credit.
  • buy (something) sight unseen
    купить что-либо не глядя
    Tim bought a cell phone sight unseen and was very sorry afterwards.
  • buy a pig in a poke
    купить кота в мешке
    You can buy a second-hand car, but it will be like buying a pig in a poke if you do not look at it properly first.
  • buy a stake in (something)
    приобретать часть чего-либо в собственность
    A large company was planning to buy a stake in a small printing business.
  • buy off (someone)
    подкупить кого-либо, откупиться
    The criminal's friends tried to buy off the judge but they were not successful.
  • buy out (someone or something)
    выкупить кого-либо \ что-либо
    Mr. Cohan decided to buy out a few acres of farmer's land and build a motel.