Идиомы на букву B

  • black and blue
    (быть) в синяках
    I bruised my arm and it was black and blue for a long time.
  • black and white
    видеть что-либо только в чёрно-белым свете
    My friend Melanie sees everything only in black and white.
  • black box
    чёрный ящик
    After the airplane crash the investigators tried to find the black box of the airplane.
  • black eye
    синяк под глазом
    When the boys appeared in the room, one of them had a black eye and the other a cut lip; they had been fighting.
  • black market
    чёрный рынок
    We bought a few things at the black market.
  • black out
    сделать затемнение
    I drew the curtains to black out the bedroom so that the rays of the sun wouldn't wake me up.
  • black sheep of the family
    паршивая овца (в семье)
    My cousin Cora is a high school dropout. My relatives think her to be the black sheep of the family.
  • blackout
    временная задержка информации, засекреченность
    The police decided to have a blackout regarding the information related to the investigation of the murder.