Идиомы на букву D

  • deaf and dumb
    The little girl was born deaf and dumb.
  • deal in (something)
    заниматься торговлей, перепродавать что-либо
    My uncle had been dealing in furniture for many years before he retired.
  • deal someone in
    включить кого-либо (в команду, в группу и т.д.)
    Tim intended to deal his friend in his printing business, but Tom rejected Tim's proposal.
  • decide in favor of (someone or something)
    решить в пользу кого-либо/ чего-либо
    In the competition the referee decided in favor of our team.
  • decide in favor of (someone)
    решить в пользу кого-либо, признать кого-либо невиновным
    The jury needed little time to decide in favor of the prisoner, a young man named Leonard Vole who was charged with the murder of a wealthy elderly lady.
  • decked out
    вырядиться, "расфуфыриться"
    "I see you are decked out in your Sunday best for Derek's birthday party."
  • decked out in (something)
    быть нарядно одетым
    At the award ceremony all the women were decked out in beautiful dresses.
  • deem it to be necessary
    считать необходимым
    The boss deemed it to be necessary to sign all of the documents immediately.
  • deep water
    серьезная неприятность, затруднительное положение
    "You will be in deep water if you don't tell me the truth."
  • deep-six (someone or something)
    выбросить что-либо, избавиться от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    I am going to deep-six all my exercise books at the end of the school year.
  • deep-six (something)
    выбросить что-либо, избавиться от чего-либо
    I am going to deep-six all my old exercise books at the end of the school year.
  • defeat a motion
    отклонить предложение (на собрании)
    The chairman defeated the motion to postpone the conference till next week.
  • deliver the goods
    удачно провернуть дело
    I don't think Alan is very successful in his career; he is never able to deliver the goods.
  • desert a sinking ship
    покинуть тонущий корабль
    The company is about to go bankrupt that's why the employees are deserting the sinking ship.
  • devil of a job
    очень трудно, "чертовски трудно"
    That business plan I am working at is a devil of a job.
  • devil-may-care attitude
    беззаботное, "наплевательское" отношение
    The man had a devil-may-care attitude to his parental duties.
  • diamond in the rough
    кто-либо хороший или что-либо хорошее в плохом обличьи
    The best example of a diamond in the rough is Cinderella.
  • die down
    ослабевать, замирать, утихать
    The fire in the fireplace was dying down.
  • die in one's boots
    умереть на своём посту, умереть сражаясь
    The soldiers of the Second World War died in their boots fighting the enemy.
  • die is cast
    ничего нельзя изменить, выбор сделан, "жребий брошен"
    The die is cast, and now that they have got their visas they are to leave the country as soon as possible.
  • die laughing
    громко и весело смеяться
    The film was so funny that we almost died laughing.
  • die of a broken heart
    умереть от разбитого сердца (причинять страдание)
    Jenny's boyfriend walked out on her and she thought she would die of a broken heart.
  • die off
    умирать один за другим, отмирать
    The roses in our garden began to die off.
  • die out
    Nobody knows for sure why dinosaurs died out.
  • die with one's boots on
    умереть преждевременно или умереть на работе
    Mr. Google had been working hard all his life and died with his boots on from a heart attack.
  • difficult to stomach (someone or something)
    трудно согласиться с кем-либо \ чем-либо, принять, переварить
    It is difficult to stomach complaints some people make about their work conditions.
  • dig (someone or something) up
    разыскать, выкопать, "откопать"
    "It is important that we should find his shelter, dug him up, so to say."
  • dig (something) out
    обнаруживать местонахождение чего-либо
    While cleaning the storeroom, I dug out a few useful things.
  • dig in
    начать есть
    "Let's dig in and eat our dinner before the meat gets cold!"
  • dig in one's heels
    отказываться изменить курс действия или своё мнение
    The electrical company disrupted the negotiations and dug in their heels against any improvements.
  • dig one's own grave
    рыть себе могилу, погубить себя
    "I don't want any problems. I am not going to dig my own grave, so leave me alone."
  • dig some dirt up on (someone)
    найти что-либо плохое о ком-либо, "нарыть компромат"
    "However hard you try, you won't dig any dirt up on me."
  • dig someone
    нравиться кому-либо
    I don't dig Mark; he is boastful and silly.
  • dime a dozen
    небольшая ценность чего-либо, "грош цена"
    Tim bought a few used magazines; they were a dime a dozen.
  • dine out
    обедать в ресторане
    I didn't cook dinner because we are dining out tonight.