Идиомы на букву D

  • drown (someone) out
    заглушить кого-либо, (не быть услышанным из-за громкого шума)
    The teacher started saying something, but she was drowned out by the students.
  • drown one's sorrows
    утопить горе в вине, залить горе
    To forget his misfortunes Paul was drowning his sorrows with a drink.
  • drum (something) into (someone's) head
    заставить (силой) кого-либо учить что-либо, "вдолбить в голову"
    The mother worked hard to drum in vain some grammar rules into her son's head.
  • drum up (something)
    поощрять что-либо, поддерживать
    It is necessary for the government to drum up small businesses.
  • dry run
    The performance was to be held on Sunday so the actors had a dry run on Friday.
  • dry up
    высыхать, пересыхать
    The stream behind our house dried up last summer.
  • duck soup
    лёгкий, не требующий усилий
    Our final exam in History was duck soup.
  • due process (of law)
    должное исполнение закона
    Everybody is entitled to due process of law regardless of rank or power.
  • DUI
    Driving Under the Influence - управление автомобилем под воздействием (алкоголя или наркотиков)
    The young man was found guilty of DUI and sent to jail for several months.
  • dumb bunny
    глупый или доверчивый человек
    Jack is stupid and gullible; he is a dumb bunny because he believes everything people tell him.
  • dump someone
    перестать встречаться с кем-либо, бросить кого-либо
    Frank stopped seeing Judy, and she understood that he had dumped her.
  • Dutch auction
    аукцион с постепенным понижением цен
    Fruit and vegetables are very often sold at a Dutch auction at the market.
  • Dutch courage
    смелость во хмелю
    "Stop bragging about your acts of bravery; you are drunk and therefore full of Dutch courage."
  • Dutch treat
    угощение, при котором каждый платит за себя
    When my friend and I go to the movies, it is always a Dutch treat as both of us don't have much money.
  • Dutch uncle
    зануда, моралист
    Dean is fond of giving advice as if he were my Uncle Joe; he is a regular Dutch uncle.
  • duty bound (to do something)
    связанный обязательством делать что-либо
    Bill was duty bound to support his sister and her children after the death of his sister's husband.
  • DVD
    Digital Video Disc - цифровой видео диск, ДВД
    DVDs are more popular than CDs.
  • dwell on (something)
    подробно останавливаться на чём-либо, вдаваться в подробности
    The teacher wanted me to dwell on the political situation in Italy before the Second World War.
  • dyed-in-the-wool
    стопроцентный, закоренелый
    My cousin Helen is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, and I don't think she will ever change.
  • dying to (do something or go somewhere)
    очень хотеть сделать что-либо или пойти куда-либо, "умирать от желания"
    Phil asked Della to go out with him and she was dying to go.