Идиомы на букву F

  • face down (someone)
    осадить кого-либо, нагнать страху
    I had to face down the blackmailer who was threatening me.
  • face the music
    держать ответ за что-либо, расплачиваться, "расхлёбывать кашу"
    "You've made a mistake; now you'll have to face the music."
  • face up to (something)
    быть готовым принять нелёгкое решение
    The young man was seriously injured, and he had to face up the fact that he would never be able to walk.
  • face value
    кажущаяся ценность; поверхностное суждение
    "If I were you, I wouldn't trust her; take everything she does at face value."
  • face value (of something)
    номинальная стоимость
    The face value of the new computer was not very high.
  • face-to-face
    лицом к лицу
    Sam was not afraid to stand face-to-face with his enemy.
  • fall flat on one's face
    полностью провалиться, потерпеть неудачу
    The young actor fell flat on his face during his first performance.
  • feed one's face
    есть, обедать
    They decided to stop at a small cafe to feed their faces.
  • fly in the face of (something)
    оставить без внимания (кого-либо, что-либо), пренебречь
    The customer complained of a poor service, but the manager flew in the face of her complaint.
  • fly into the face of danger
    сильно рисковать
    "You are flying into the face of danger if you decide to invest into this shady company."