Идиомы на букву F

  • feet of clay
    скрытый недостаток или слабость
    Paul Copperfield has feet of clay and may not last very long in his new position of a manager.
  • find one's feet
    привыкнуть к новой ситуации или опыту
    Tim Brown has finally found his feet in his new position.
  • follow in (someone's) footsteps
    следовать чьему-либо примеру, идти по чьим-либо стопам
    "I thought you had followed in your father's footsteps. He was an architect, wasn't he?"
  • footloose and fancy-free
    вольный, свободный от обязательств
    It's good to be footloose and fancy-free so that you can do whatever you want.