Идиомы на букву F

  • fly by the seat of one's pants
    действовать скорее интуитивно, чем исходя из знаний и логики
    I hate to fly by the seat of my pants when there is nobody to help me in my job.
  • fly in the face of (something)
    оставить без внимания (кого-либо, что-либо), пренебречь
    The customer complained of a poor service, but the manager flew in the face of her complaint.
  • fly in the ointment
    помеха, "ложка дёгтя в бочке мёда"
    The problem with the weather was a fly in the ointment during their enjoyable holiday.
  • fly into the face of danger
    сильно рисковать
    "You are flying into the face of danger if you decide to invest into this shady company."
  • fly off the handle
    рассердиться, сорваться на крик
    The teacher flew off the handle because one of the students was disrupting the class.
  • fly the coop
    удрать, убежать
    The criminal was able to fly the coop because the guard hadn't been watching him properly.
  • fly-by-night
    ненадёжный (о человеке или бизнесе)
    This new printing house seems to be a fly-by-night business.